Harley Quinn S2 E11 Review: A Fight Worth Fighting For

It’s been a wild second season of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn so far. To recap quick, thanks to the events of the first season, Gotham City is in ruins and left to fend for itself. It’s interesting how often and quickly the rest of the country seems to give up on Gotham City. It happened in the No Mans Land & Zero Year storyline, The Dark Knight Rises, Gotham television show, and now in Harley Quinn. Just making an observation. Back to the topic at hand, Harley Quinn, voiced by Kaley Cuoco and her gang, has taken out members of the Injustice League including the Penguin, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, and Bane. At the same time Poison Ivy, voiced by Lake Bell and Kite Man, voiced by Matt Oberg are engaged. But this gets very complicated as Harley and Ivy kissed and then spent the night together a few times during the bachelorette vacation.


To make matters worse, Harley Quinn and the rest of the group have been double-crossed by Dr. Psycho, voiced by Tony Hale. He teamed up with a jacked-up Riddler, voiced by Jim Rash to take control of the Parademons that Harley had unleashed on Gotham. But wait! There’s more! The only way to stop Dr. Psycho is with the help of the Justice League. The only problem is that they are trapped in Fables’ storybook, and the sane Joker, voiced by Alan Tudyk, doesn’t quite remember where he left it. This leaves Harley no choice but to throw him back into the acid that first transformed him into the Clown Prince of Crime. Now on to episode eleven!


This week’s episode also kicks off in a basement setting we find Frank the Plant, voiced my J.B. Smoove with a friend smoking. They also take us through a recap of this season’s events. When we finally get back into the story we find that the Joker is back. With that comes his memories, not only of his criminal life but his suburban life. The book that they need is at his girlfriend’s Bethany’s house. At the same time, Dr. Psycho has launched his attack on Gotham City and he is looking to strike a deal with Darkseid. If he delivers Darkseid Harley’s head, he will help Dr. Psyco take over the world. Meanwhile, Ivy is forcing herself to move on by rushing her wedding with Kite Man.

The Joker screws up by sharing some harsh words with his girlfriend. This leads her to throw the book, only to be caught by a parademon. During their mission to retrieve the book, both Joker and Harley have realizations about the relationships that they were losing. With the thoughts of redeeming his relationship, the Joker and Harley find themselves surrounded by parademons. Lucky for them Batman is also back! As they fly away with the Dark Knight, Joker realizes that he picked up the wrong book. Now they would have to go back to Bethany’s house for the book.


As Poison Ivy is trying out wedding dresses parademons swoop in and ruin an expensive dress. This sends Ivy into a rage, so she goes after Dr. Psyco. When she arrives, Dr. Psyco uses his powers to mind control her. Back at Bethany’s the Joker makes up with his girlfriend and they can free the Justice League. As they are getting ready to leave, the Joker encourages Harley to try and make it work with Ivy. When Harley opens the front door she runs into Ivy who is now trying to kill her.


As the second season of Harley Quinn is getting close to its end, you can say that things are getting pretty serious. I love the focus that they have on the relationship between Ivy and Harley. One that they have been building since the first episode of the series. The question now is, will DC Universe pull the trigger on bringing the two together as a couple? We have a couple of more episodes to find out. I also want to mention that I like this Joker. In the many variations of the character that I have seen, I don’t think I remember seeing one that connects with his feelings the way Tudyk’s did in this episode. I am very interested to see what else we see from him for the rest of the season.

What did you think of this week’s episode of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn? Let us know in the comment section below!

You can stream this episode and previous ones of Harley Quinn on the DC Universe streaming service.

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