– by Seth McDonald

Another turn in the tale of Harvey Weinstein is that the former movie mogul is now suing the company he was recently fired from, that also bears his name. Weinstein was fired from The Weinstein Company on October 8, with the board citing newfound information of sexual misconduct. Weinstein claims that suing is in his best interest, as well as the company’s. An excerpt from the filing follows below:

“Mr. Weinstein believes that his email account — which is the primary, if not only, account he used during the term of his employment by the Company — will contain information exonerating him, and therefore the Company, from claims that may be asserted against him or the Company,”

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The whole ordeal doesn’t look good for Weinstein, or Hollywood for that matter, as everyday it seems like a new allegation surfaces. Weinstein hopes to obtain records of his employment from his time at the company, and if obtained, Weinstein plans to use them in his defense. You can read another excerpt from the filing below:

“In the Demand, Mr. Weinstein explained that his purpose in obtaining the documents requested was to assist in his defense of civil and criminal allegations arising out of or in connection with his employment at TWC and potentially to aid in investigating claims arising out of the wrongful termination of his employment.”

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Source: Deadline