Hawkeye Finale Aftermath Discussion FULL SPOILERS

Hawkeye Finale Aftermath Discussion FULL SPOILERS

Not having had the time to review each episode of Hawkeye, I felt it was time for a Hawkeye finale aftermath discussion. Where and how does this show change the MCU going forward and what does the future hold for some of these character? It makes sense to do that we need to get into the details of the Hawkeye finale. Ergo, you are hereby forewarned.

Full SPOILERS For Hawkeye Season Finale Below.

Ok, so let’s get into that Hawkeye finale aftermath. First let’s start with our heroes. Many fans predicted Hawkeye could be the end of Clint Barton and actor Jeremy Renner. However Clint does indeed get to survive and make it home to his family for Xmas, which, in a seasonal show like this, was always going to happen for me. As for Kate Bishop, she’s great, but you don’t feel she’s yet anywhere near ready to take over as the new Hawkeye. We do leave the pair in what appears to be a firm partnership and friendship as Kate joins the Barton’s for Crimbo dinner. I guess the immediate future for both is that Kate will train under Clint some more, and perhaps one day, Kate will take over?

With Eleanor’s arrest and Jack turning out to be not that bad of a guy, one wonders whether this relationship will develop going forwards. Surely the Bishop business will still need to be run, and Kate running security from lends itself to future stories. I’d especially love if her and Jack become close and he acts like a father figure to her going forward. Plus, Tony Dalton is the MCU, damn you gotta keep using him if you can Marvel.

Could we get a Hawkeye Season 2? Absolutely, though will Kate don the mantle of Hawkeye by then, who knows?


It’s pretty clear that the show really being set up here for next though is Echo. Maya knows who had her father killed now, and in a confrontation with Fisk where she tries to fake acquiescence Fisk see’s straight through her and orders her killed. Kazi, not wanting to be the one ends up trying to kill Maya and is defeated and left for dead. Though, I suspect we will see Kazi again in Echo. As for Echo herself who knows? When we leave Maya here it’s in a pretty dramatic scene where she seemingly shoots her old Uncle Fisk.

Of course the camera cuts away in true TV serial format, but then, did we really want Fisk back to just kill him again? Don’t fear fans, if Marvel are going by the comics in anyway, which they seems to be doing here, then Fisk survives and comes back to claim what he lost. That clearly leads us in to potential conflict in Echo. If rumors Matt Murdock shows up are true, then we could see those two bond over Fisk.

The Watch

The mystery of the watch was solved. However,  it’s not great new for those AOS fans who still claim the show was in the MCU. The watch is revealed to be a SHIELD watch and the 19 designation clearly marks out Clint’s wife as being once Agent 19. Agent 19, aka Bobby Morse, aka Mockingbird who married Clint in the comics. In AOS Bobby was played by Adrianne Palicki. Perhaps Laura is merely a name she took to hide her identity as Bobby? Or, Marvel has no intention of getting into the Mockingbird thing and it was just a small Easter egg to show how these two met at one point? Also, this is perhaps why Laura seems to be hidden away in earlier movies?

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Overall Hawkeye was a fun show with good and not so good moments, the finale choreography wasn’t amazing to me. However I think it leaves the MCU in a better place that it was before it. If that makes sense for a reason to like the show, then so be it. For some it may not and that’s fine.

However of all the Marvel shows, this was the one I was least excited about. Now, after watching it, I rate it above The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I am also now excited for what Echo could be, and future Daredevil projects down the line.

Where do you stand on this Hawkeye finale aftermath discussion? Thought below as always.

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