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How Disney’s Restructuring Will Reportedly Affect The MCU | Barside Buzz

The recent Marvel article from Variety has been branded a hit piece and rejected by much of the leaks community and another trade.

Given Disney’s restructuring at the very top recently, we have a new report on how these changes will affect the MCU going forward. As you’d expect from Barside Buzz this one comes from not a trade, but an insider outlet, TCC. So none of this is official for now, instead treat it as a rumor. Here is what the outlet heard through sources.

We have received word from our sources that Marvel Studios is currently re-evaluating its release lineup for Phases 5 & 6. As Phase 4 comes to a close, we’ve been informed of internal negative feedback about how Phase 4 was handled regarding product distribution and quality.

This has led to fear that Phases 5 and 6 are headed in the same direction as Phase 4. Therefore, as a preventive measure to ensure quality control, Marvel and Disney are now re-evaluating future releases. Moving forward, they are interested in pushing a quality-over-quantity approach to these phases as a way to address the issues some audiences have had with Phase 4.

From what we’re being told, projects already in post-production are still set for release (at this time), and the main focus of the re-evaluation will be on projects still in the pre-production stage. We’ve also been told by sources to expect shifts in release schedules for some projects, changes in media formats for others, and in the most extreme (and unlikely) of cases, a postponement or outright cancellation of a project that would not be suited towards the overall story of the Multiverse Saga.

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The outlet also states that Special Presentations may be used more going forward, to match this approach. If all this is true, then it’s hard for me to argue against the policy. Phase 4 of the MCU is not without its considerable criticisms from the fan base. My colleagues here at LRM/GenreVerse have been vocal about a general case of quantity over quality so far. I also notice in my friends group that since Endgame, some of the more casual fans are losing track of the overall story of the MCU.

Personally, I’m finding I like some of the projects in Phase 4, but others not so much. Equally I feel less inclined to rush out watch every new MCU project straight away. As yet, I’ve simply not had the time to watch Wakanda Forever. Additionally the last few movies (outside of No Way Home) I’ve waited for Disney+. As for the Disney+ shows, I’ve found them hit and miss so far. On either end of the scales, I loved Loki, yet really didn’t care for She-Hulk at all, just not my bag.

Though, do we have to love every single MCU project to follow the series? I personally don’t think so, but, I would agree that Phase 4 has been marked by quantity over quality. That in itself will be a subjective opinion though.

So, that’s how Disney’s restructuring will reportedly affect the MCU. What do you think? Should Marvel Studios get back to quality over quantity? Has the streaming bubble burst and it’s back to theatres we go? Thoughts below as always.

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