How Vader AND Anakin Can Be In The Obi-Wan Show – What This Fan Wants From…

Obi-Wan Thought Vader Was Dead Confirms Kenobi Director

Vader And Anakin can be in the Obi-Wan show! I’ll convince you.

Welcome to another week of pure speculation and imagination from me, a regular fan like you guys. This week I am going back to the well on the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi show. If you read this column weekly, you probably know I already covered the Obi-Wan show previously. You can find that within the related section below. However, with news this week that Vader could show up, and our own report that Hayden Christensen has signed as a regular to the show, many fans have wondered how this can be so. If Vader is in Obi-Wan (that’s a weird thing to type), what is the need for Hayden Christensen at all. Specifically, how can Hayden be a regular cast member and yet appear as Vader. Wouldn’t there just be a few shots of Vader without his mask to have Hayden show up for?

My mind has not really changed on what I want to see from the Obi-Wan show, however the information has. I already knew about the rumor we here at LRM began, that Hayden was coming back. I NEVER considered Vader could be present as well. So, this week I am taking a different approach. This is designed simply to show fans how it is possible for both Anakin and Vader to show up (yes I know they’re the same person). I’m not in love with how I have made this work in terms of my MacGuffin, but then I am not on script writing duties. So buckle in and let me know what you think if this for a rough outline.

Time Jumping

When I first took a stab at what I’d like to see form Obi-Wan I had two separate story lines going on at the same time, one from the past with Kenobi and Skywalker during The Clone Wars, and one in the present with Kenobi protecting Luke. The problem is that you need some way to connect these two stories together so that the narrative being explored in the Obi-Wan show actually makes sense.

I have therefore done a bit of thinking since then. With the addition of the Vader rumor this week to our own Hayden scoop I have been seeing fans confused as to how this could all work. Well, I have an idea about that. I am keeping the time jumping aspect of my original idea, but adding in some Vader and a made up MacGuffin to connect the stories together. As said above, I don’t really like this MacGuffin and would never truly write this as an idea. Instead this will just be an example for how this can all be squeezed together into one satisfying story. So here it is.

The Force Finder

Imagine Obi-Wan in his isolation watching over Luke. Vader is hunting down any remaining Jedi or Force users, keeping an especial eye out for Obi-Wan Kenobi, However, that is not enough for Vader, he KNOWS Kenobi lives and he wants him dead at his own hands. Therefore Vader has an idea, to use an ancient Jedi artefact he and Obi-Wan came across during The Clone Wars. Vader therefore takes his ship to a location known only to him and Kenobi of all the Jedi, a place where this ancient artefact resides, protected.

Obi-Wan Kenobi receives a message (through the Force) from someone in his past. ‘Someone is coming for the Force Finder, you must help me’. Obi-Wan knows who this is, but we as the audience do not, as Kenobi watches Luke from a distance, he has a decision to make, Leave Tattooine or stay. If Vader finds what he is looking for, not only will he know Obi-Wan is on Tattooine, but he would be sure to find Luke as well, disaster. He must get this MacGuffin before Vader and either destroy it or hide it somewhere Vader will never know.

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We then cut back to a mission Anakin and Obi-Wan are on during The Clone Wars. The Jedi Generals find evidence pointing to something called a Force Finder. It is rumoured this device can be used to pin point any Force user in the Galaxy. Anakin thinks this could be the best chance the Jedi have at discovering the identity of the mysterious Darth Sidious and where he is. The clues point to somewhere deep within Separatist space, so instead of arriving with an armada, the Jedi decide to play it sneaky and head there with a small squad.

Meanwhile in the current timeline Kenobi travels to Mos Eisley looking for off world transportation and comes across a crew willing to take him. Back at the mysterious planet, the Force User who protects the Force Finder takes the artefact and flees further into the depths of the planet to escape the assault of the Empire.

Act 2

Vader AND Anakin can be in the Obi-Wan Show

With Vader and his forces destroying all in their path, Obi-Wan is on his way. We now start to explore more from the mission during The Clone Wars. Ultimately Anakin and Obi-Wan succeed in finding the Force Finder (not right away), but when they do it is not as they hoped. Anakin tries to use the Force Finder to discover the identity of the Sith as does Obi-Wan. However the Force Finder always simply shows both of them, in that chamber. They can use it to find any other Jedi, like Windu or Yoda, the device does work. However, you have to know who you are looking for, to focus the device

Of course my thinking here is that what they are seeing (in the past) is Anakin and his eventual turn, not Sidious. The Jedi decide that this would be dangerous if it fell into the hands of the Count Dooku. They decide to leave the device in the hands of its protector, a rather old Force User who has no connection with the Jedi Order. Instead this guardian was trained from birth by the previous holder of her position. This duty to guard the device has been passed down from generation to generation.

Anakin is very interested to learn that these Force Users marry and have children. Something he badly wants but prevented from doing so by the Jedi Order. This could allow Obi-Wan and Anakin to debate some of the dogma of the Jedi Order. My dear hope after all, is to really see both the friendship and division between Skywalker and Kenobi presented in an adult manner.

Final Act – Can Vader meet Kenobi?

Vader AND Anakin can be in the Obi-Wan Show

I’ve seen many fans debate this week whether Vader and Kenobi can meet between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Well yes, they can, whether you like the idea or not is a different question. Remember Vader’s words in A New Hope. “I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…” Now everyone assumes this is Mustafar, but it does not have to be. So then fans said, what about this line. “When I left you I was but the learner, now I am the Master. ” Clearly he says when I left you, which would have been prior to Mustafar actually.

However, whilst I would be happy to have a confrontation of some kind between Vader and Kenobi, I do not want that to be a fight. Kenobi’s goal is not to defeat Vader, it’s to protect Luke. I would have Vader give chase as Obi-Wan and is unwitting crew run from the Empire with the device. I’d just lobe there to be one scene where Vader and Kenobi meet but cannot engage, like across a chasm or something. Obi-Wan takes a look back at Vader and sees the monster his old friend has become. All Vader sees is anger and wants to kill Kenobi. Kenobi either escapes with the Force Finder or manages to destroy it. He obviously escapes and goes back to Tattooine, while Vader begins his fruitless search once more.

Wrap it up Fanboy

As said up top, I don’t even like the Force Finder idea and I came up with it, ha. That’s not really the point. Instead I hope what I have done is show fans how a show that deals with Vader, Obi-Wan and Anakin pre-Vader can work. It also allows opportunities for real conversations and adventures between Obi-Wan and Anakin.  We really never got to see that side to these friends outside of the animated series The Clone Wars.

Ultimately, if you are going to make an Obi-Wan show, go for it. Make it the best damn thing you can imagine. Surely, the best Obi-Wan show would be one that also has Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader? Of course, we simply don’t know how Hayden is coming back? Maybe it is just to wear that Vader suit and have some shots with his mask off? As you can see above though, I personally would be more ambitious than that. Why not attempt to fill in some details many fans felt missing from the prequels?

What about you, what do you want to see from this Disney+ show. Do you agree with me that Vader AND Anakin can be in the Obi-Wan Show? Leave your thoughts below as always.

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