– by Seth McDonald

The deal between Fox and Disney is now complete, and with that the House of Mouse also takes a controlling interest in the streaming giant Hulu.

With Disney now the big cheese over at Hulu (owning 60 percent of the company), many are wondering if they will just turn the digital viewing platform into their proposed streaming service that is planned for 2019. Disney CEO and chairman, Bob Iger, had this to say about Hulu during a conference call on Thursday:

“We believe that it’s possible that a consumer may want to basically be choosy in terms of what product they want. Some may want pure family, some may want pure sports, some may want adult. Some may want all of it, by the way, and certainly we’ll make that available. I don’t think you should really look at [them] as necessarily individual businesses, except that we’re looking to expand consumer choice and consumer options.”

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A Disney streaming service does seem to have the need to focus on family based, wholesome programming, so that may be one reason why Disney is reluctant to merge Hulu with their own brand’s content. Perhaps profiles on the new service will guard children against more adult content.

What Iger says is exciting though, it seems like Disney is really focusing on the needs and wants of the consumer with their proposed streaming service.

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Source: TheWrap

  • noahwayne0

    A large chunk of TGIF already is on Hulu.

  • SeanDon

    Want to make a fluffy Disney app with stuff purely for the kids? Cool. But don’t start doing something where half the marvel movies, fox shows, etc are on one app, and the other half are on another.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Translation: It don’t matter if they choose Hulu or Disney streaming, we will get pain either way.

  • Victor Roa

    …. it’s probably going to happen. CBS all access is the perfect example of how to do all of this wrong, What’s the one thing Disney really needs to kicks this off? Buy out server farms, networks, satellites. And all we hear every day is Disney buys out studios. For once I’d like to hear “small silicone valley company sells their tech to disney for 3 bi.l” I feel like I’m watching a slow moving car crash of their video game division which was actually started since Kingdom Hearts “hey, why don’t we make our own video games instead of licensing them out to 3rd party kart racers?”