– by Campbell Clark

Avengers: Infinity War shocked many fans right at the start of the movie. Hulk who has previously been stronger than any foe he has faced, was soundly beaten in a straight up fist fight with Thanos, the movies villain.

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Fans have pondered whether the mad Titan was only able to best the Hulk due to him wielding the Power Stone during the fight.

Here is what Infinity War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely told Collider when asked this question.

” I think he, I may be speaking out of turn, but I think Thanos can kick Hulk’s ass without the Stone.”

This is sure to cause debate amongst fans with many convinced Hulk should be able to go toe to toe with Thanos without the stones. I think the thing we have to remember is that this is MCU Hulk, not comics Hulk. In the comics Hulk’s power is practically limitless, the angrier he gets, the more powerful he gets.

I was convinced Hulk’s new emotions were nerfing his power i.e. pure rage Hulk would be too much for Thanos sans Infinity Gauntlet. But perhaps we just have to accept that in the MCU, Hulk is not all powerful and just not a match for Thanos?

It’ll be interesting to see if a Hulk vs Thanos rematch happens anywhere in Avengers 4? Would the encounter turn out the same, especially with Thanos having used so much power to wield the Infinity Gauntlet? Time will tell on that one, but at least we can put the debate to bed for now.

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SOURCE: Collider