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The internet is jam-packed full of unreliable rumors. On the site here, we generally post some of these rumors for the sake of discussion, but man is it difficult to parse through some of the B.S. One such site is a particularly bad offender of this whole deal. That’s right. I’m talking about We Got This Covered — the proverbial stain on the scooping community. They push out so many “scoops” a week that it’s pretty much impossible to truly keep track of them and fact-check what they publish. Their latest “report” relates to Evangeline Lilly’s involvement in Ant-Man 3.

Headlines And ‘Sources’

You may have read the article yourself. We Got This Covered title it “Ant-Man 3’s Story Reportedly Being Changed Due To Evangeline Lilly Coronavirus Comments.” Oh, wait, maybe it was “Evangeline Lilly Is Reportedly No Longer The Co-Lead In Ant-Man 3.” Hang on, maybe it was “Evangeline Lilly’s Ant-Man 3 Role May Be Reduced Due To Coronavirus Comments.”

In case you’re confused, the outlet posted the same story under three different headlines over the past couple of days. 

Now, whether or not it has to do with them testing the headlines is a possible reason, but the stories themself are also quite varied in how they’re written and who they’re written by. Also interesting is how their “sources” (which often appear to be pulled from posts on 4chan and Reddit) are credited slightly different. In all their pieces, the outlet tends to give their sources more credibility by crediting them with previous correct reports.

In one article, they cite it as the ones who told them about She-Hulk and Transformers. They state in a second article that the sources told them about Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian and Han’s return in F9. The third article points to the She-Hulk and Ahsoka Tano news pieces. Is this all the same source that they’re giving overlapping credits to? It’s possible, but it does all feel just the slightest bit shady.

What Does The Piece Claim?

Now, let’s point back to the articles themselves. What information do they convey? Well, if you’ve been following the coronavirus news, you may know that actor Evangeline Lilly has refused to follow quarantine recommendations. She updated her Instagram with comments about taking her kids to gymnastics camp and going about life normally. When prodded by fans on the topic, she called the virus a “respiratory flu” and stated “There’s ‘something’ every election year.”

Lilly went on to compare the current state of things to martial law and that we were inching too close to giving our leaders our freedom. 

Controversial topic, to say the least. According to WGTC, Marvel Studios isn’t very happy with these comments, and as a result, her role in Ant-Man 3 is being drastically reduced. Rather than her being a co-lead in a James Bond-style globetrotting adventure, the story will now revolve around Scott Lang and his daughter. Lilly will now have more of a supporting lead.

But Is This True?

Can you tell from the intro of this piece that I have my doubts? While We Got This Covered has gotten the occasional thing right, their shotgun approach has made it impossible to truly follow up with anything they’ve shared in the past. Plus, their tendency to pull fan theories and label them as scoops is quite suspect.

Finally, I have the oddest of pet peeves. One of their titles says that the film’s story is “reportedly” being changed. That word “reportedly” is supposed to be used when you’re using another report for the basis of your piece. It shouldn’t be used for your own damn piece. If I had a source that told me something, I wouldn’t say that this “reportedly” happened because no one else but me will have reported it. It’s an odd quirk, but whenever they use that word, I tread pretty darn lightly. I can see them using that as a way to distance themselves from some of the bogus news they “scoop.”

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Now, as far as the news itself, it even feels the slightest bit off. We’re talking about Marvel Studios here. In the past, they made a mistake by acting too quickly to fire James Gunn after a series of tasteless tweets resurfaced. As a result, it seems as though they’re becoming more careful about their talent. More recently, Jeremy Renner faced some bad press after being accused of endangering his child and being verbally abusive to his ex-wife. I can’t imagine they’d be okay in taking their time with that only to act quickly in regards to Lilly’s comments.

Can it be true? Sure, I guess. It’s possible. But this doesn’t make a whole lot of logical sense for Marvel Studios to be acting mere days after Lilly spoke up about the coronavirus comments. If I were you, I would ignore the rantings of this particular patron and turn back to your own drink.

What do you think of all this? Let us know your own thoughts down below!

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