Is Superman More Popular Than Spider-Man In The US?

Could Superman really be the most popular hero in the United States? The topic of the most popular superhero is always debatable. One superhero can be more popular than another just because of simple marketing.

NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay Matches To Take Place On NXT Next Month

NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay will no longer take place. The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily defeated the majority of forms of sports entertainment except one. Although the coronavirus landed several chair shots to the WWE, it

John Krasinski Says A Quiet Place Part II Will Be Scarier Than The Original

Who knew the guy that played prankster Jim Halpert on NBC's The Office could take us through a masterclass in building tension and suspense? We definitely learned a thing or two about Krasinkski's skills while

Aquaman 2 Writer Says To Look To The Silver Age For Hints At Where The Sequel May Go

One of the few bright spots of DC and WB's big-screen efforts, Aquaman, will eventually, at some point have a sequel film. Most everything that was in production is on hiatus due to the current

HBO Now Has Seen A HUGE Uptick In Streaming This Past Week Thanks To The Coronavirus Pandemic

The year of our Lord 2020 will forever be known as the year where we all spent way too much time watching TV. Be it streaming, Blu-ray, or cable, we all honestly have little better

NFC Recaps Westworld’s Maeve-Centric Episode, The Winter Line

Nerd Flix & Chill is back with another Westworld episode recap. This week's episode, The Winter Line, focuses on Maeve as she finds herself awake in Warworld. This episode seems to establish the battle lines

The Mandalorian: This Classic Film Star Joins The Star Wars Universe

While The Mandalorian may be a streaming service series, it has plenty of A-list and classic talent filling out its cast. Of course, it had Pedro Pascal as the titular bounty hunter, but its supporting

Classic Story The Most Dangerous Game Gets Super Weird Quibi Treatment Starring Christoph Waltz

Apparently, you can’t really go wrong with a classic. I’m talking about the classic idea of man hunting man. The most dangerous game, so to speak. The story, I’m sure is a tale as old

Wonder Woman 1984 Pushed To August Release — Looks Like All-Digital Release Is A No-Go

Let’s be real. We all expected something along these lines at some point. While June is still a couple of months away, given the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 virus, it’s better to be safe

RUMOR: This Week’s Nintendo Direct To Feature Breath Of The Wild 2 And Metroid Updates? Hell Yes!

We live in rough times. While Nintendo has given us Nintendo Direct variants over the past several months, the last standard Nintendo Direct was September of 2019. Yes, back then, the coronavirus had not yet