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Is The ‘Halo’ TV Series Dead?

How many years have studios tried to bring a live-action adaptation of “Halo” to fruition? I think I’ve lost count. Okay, yeah we had the “Forward Unto Dawn” and “Nightfall” webseries, but as fun as those were, they didn’t quite satisfy the itch I wanted scratched. The idea of a feature film seemed to die when when project transformed into Neil Blomkamp’s “District 9,” which I’m sure many of us are grateful for. But of course, adaptation discussions still continued.

Back in mid-2013, it was announced that a television series based on the franchise would be produced by Steven Spielberg, and in early 2014 it was rumored that its pilot episode to be directed by Blomkamp himself. A few months after that, Variety reported that Xbox Entertainment Studios was in the process of signing a deal with Showtime regarding the “Halo” series. Things finally seemed to be getting underway, and then…


News has been virtually nonexistence since that day, and in Hollywood, when a project goes silent, it’s usually inferred that it’s dead. Fortunately for “Halo” fans, that’s not the case with this series. While on a TV Critics Association press tour, IGN had a chance to question Showtime president David Nevins if they could expect any news from the series any time soon.

“No time soon,” was Nevins’ curt answer. There was no further elaboration on that comment, but at the very least, fans can rest for now knowing that it’s still in the works.

Or can they…?

When Variety last reported the deal between Xbox and Showtime, it emphasized on the fact that it was a difficult deal to make, as the two companies were trying to figure out a way to deal with airing the show on both Showtime and Xbox. Whenever trailblazing new territory like that, the smallest of misaligned motives can derail things quickly. It’s very possible this happened here, and that the companies are merely waiting for some prematurely-signed contract to expire before calling it quits publicly.

This may not be the only problem. From contract disputes between producers, budgetary issues, or rights battles, there are a myriad of things that could be holding back this project. Strangely enough, making TV is hard. With all that in mind, when it comes to Hollywood, it’s best to remain skeptical of a project until production actually begins. This “Halo” TV series should be no different, no matter how much we love the video game series.

Do you think we can expect a “Halo” TV series any time soon? Let us know your thoughts down below!

SOURCE: IGN, Variety

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