– by Emmanuel Gomez

There was no place better to show the new DC Universe first of its kind digital subscription service than San Diego Comic-Con. During the four days of the convention attendees had the opportunity to be the first to check it out at an off-site location across the tracks from the main convention at the DC Universe Experience.

I had the chance to visit the site and play around with the service on the many tablets that they had available. Although not all the tabs were available to see (specifically the CONNECT & SHOP) There was enough there to get a good idea of what the subscriber was going to be getting for their $7.99 a month/$74.99 a year (early year subscriptions includes 3 free months). With so many subscription services out there, is this worth it?

The answer is yes, at least for the first year (for now).

The streaming service works a lot like most of the other streaming apps that we are already accustomed to using. But the content is what makes this very unique, especially if you are a fan of any of the many DC properties. For example, you will have the opportunity to stream some of DC’s classic films like the classic Superman and Batman films, as television shows some as popular as Batman: The Animated Series to the not so popular Birds of Prey.

The service will also include original content that we have already talked about like the live action Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and the just-announced Stargirl. As well as animated series like the highly anticipated Young Justice: Outsiders and Harley Quinn’s series. Don’t know who Swamp Thing or Stargirl are? Or do you want to learn more about some of the characters featured in Young Justice?

This is where this service is unique. Along with all this great video content is a curated list of modern and classic comic books in digital form, on their new comic book reader. This will allow you to go back and check out some of DC Comic’s most popular storylines like Flashpoint, The Court of Owls and many others and enjoy the stories as the original comic book writers had intended along with its amazing artwork. Who knows, maybe from that point you are tempted to read other titles by the same writer/artist which will open the door to so many other great comic book stories. Oh, and did I mention you’ll be able to read this books on your big screen? That’s right you will be able to stream the books on your TV.

Feel like talking about what you are watching and reading? Although not available for us to see at the show. There is a CONNECT tab that is going to allow users to reach out to the DC community and even creators to have discussions via forums. If you want to further support the property there will be exclusive members-only merchandise on their SHOP tab (also unavailable at the moment).

Overall the DC Universe digital streaming service is a fantastic way to immerse yourself as a long time or new fan of the various DC properties. Watch the movies, the animated and live-action series and read the comic books that inspired them all in one place for one price. While you wait for the new series go back and enjoy some of the classics, there will always be a lot of content to enjoy.

The reason I said in the beginning that it’s worth a look for at least a year is that this all depends on how well DC manages to upkeep the service with fresh content to keep us engaged. Plus what happens if it’s new original content is not well received? This is me just playing devil’s advocate of course since I believe that this service is going to do very well and stick around for a while.

Are you going to be subscribing to the DC Universe? Let us know in the comment section below!

The DC Universe streaming service is set to make it’s debut this fall 2018. But you can pre-order now and receive three additional months for free.


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