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The original “Scream Queen” of the horror genre was present in the Plymouth of the West.

At Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, Jamie Lee Curtis joined director David Gordon Green and producers Jason Blum and Malek Akkad for the special Halloween panel. Curtis took the stage, as the full house in Hall H (which LRM had the chance to attend) gave her an amazing amount of fanfare. She delved into the power of Laurie Strode and how iconic of a character she is. Curtis reflected on her own trauma she suffered when she was 17 and after decades, never had a mental evaluation about it. She carried the trauma and the PTSD of the events into the John Carpenter-directed horror classic in 1978.

“I am not the trauma. The narrative of my life is not that I’m the victim. She’s been waiting for 40 years. She’s waited all these years to take back her narrative.”

Curtis went on to make the connection of Laurie Strode to the #MeToo Movement, focusing on the narrative of women refusing to be victims. It was that aspect of the script written by Danny McBride and Green that made Curtis return to the franchise. They wrote a character who is taking her life back.

Touching on the horror of the film, Curtis explains that she finds random acts of violence terrifying. She believes it is that factor that makes the classic film so scary. A small town in the Midwest where this level of violence and horror isn’t expected. With this latest installment, Laurie is a woman who lives in complete isolation waiting for him to come back because she knows he’s going to.

The panel went on to present a clip from the film. The footage starts out with kids trick-or-treating in the small town of Haddonfield. They eventually bump in to Michael Myers himself. In what is a continuous one-shot, Michael walks around the back of a house in his full coveralls attire. He picks up a hammer and walks into the kitchen of the house, using the hammer to attack a woman off-camera. When it’s finished, a chair is flipped over, the hammer is bloody and the woman’s body is slumped over a table. Michael picks up a knife, walks past a crib with a crying baby and alms around the front of another house. The camera pans to a family getting ready in another home. A woman is talking on the phone as Michael walks around the side of the house. The woman looks out through her blinds and sees nothing. As she begins to close the blinds, Michel is seen approaching the woman and stabbing her through the neck. From here, the original trailer is shown with added extra clips.

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After the trailer, questions from the audience were taken. A fan, shedding tears during his comment, explained how he was once stalked by a knife-wielding person and how Curtis’ Strode character inspired him to take action and defend himself. Curtis jumped off the stage after his comment, hugged the fan and took selfies with him. With the film series having spanned 40 years, Curtis has admitted that she finds it “mind-blowing” how it has lasted, both for Michael and her character of Laurie Strode. Curtis also admitted that the character of Laurie Strode is the best role she will ever play.

Halloween hits theaters October 19th, 2018.

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