– by Joseph Jammer Medina

An Instagram video that’s currently making the rounds has folks buzzing that Jared Leto might have given fans at a recent concert of his a taste of his take on The Joker. Leto is set to play the Clown Prince of Crime in David Ayer’s DC villain team-up Suicide Squad. A few weeks back, we saw a little bit of his physical transformation, as he cut off the long mane of hair that’s been his signature recently, shaved off his beard, then bleached his hair. 

The clip below, taken during a 30 Seconds To Mars concert, captures the actor interacting with a fan. Due to where the video begins, it’s hard to figure out the exact context. He may be dealing with a heckler. He may just be having some fun. Or perhaps this one fan kept shouting Joker-related things at him, which inspired him to give them a little taste.


I can't wait to see The Joker ? #JaredLeto #ThirtySecondsToMars #30SecondsToMars #Novosibirsk

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While it’s entirely possible that we’re reading WAY too much into this, this is still a neat piece of footage. It demonstrates Leto’s ability to bring a wide range of layers to his performance. There’s menace. There’s subtle glee. There’s a brutality to it. It’s playful and dangerous. 

What do you think?

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