– by Seth McDonald

Thanks to the interwebs, television fans can get together with likeminded people from around the world and discuss theories about their favorite shows. Fan theories are all over the place these days, and with the large fandom of Game of Thrones it may be the most theorized show of all. Many of the theories are actually supported by evidence, at least enough to make one consider the possibility, or even likelihood of it being true

One theory in particular that has been gaining steam over the last few months is that Brandon Stark is actually the Night King. The theory runs pretty deep, but a brief summary proposes that Bran’s time traveling escapades which resulted in failed attempts to save Westeros, have left him stuck in the Night King. LRM’s own Cam Clark went into detail on this theory and you can find the link in the related section below.

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In interview with IGN, the actor that plays Brandon Stark, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, gave his thoughts on the theory that his character is actually the Night King.

I think it’s a little bit farfetched, but then again I would have said the Hodor theory was farfetched if I had just read that on an internet forum. It’s crazy. People are putting pictures of me and the Night King together and they’re like, “That confirms it. They look identical!” And I’m like, “Really? I look that much like an ancient ice zombie leader?”

If Bran can complicate the past, such as the event that took place with Hodor, then it is possible his frequent through time could cause other problems. Whether or not he is the Night King remains to be seen, however, fans have seen on the show that at the very least, Bran shares some sort of connection with the leader of the White Walkers. The Night King has been aware of Bran’s presence on more than one occasion and he has made physical contact with Bran. I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed if this theory turned out to be true.

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Source: IGN