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Jac Schaeffer On Why The Kids Had To Go In WandaVision Finale

Jac Schaeffer, Executive Producer and showrunner on WandaVision, is making the rounds after her show ended, to explain herself. Director Matt Shakman is also beginning to do post-series interviews, starting with Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond earlier this week. Now that all the spoilers and magic are revealed, we all want a look behind the curtain.

Deadline did an extensive interview with Jac Schaeffer about many of the decisions that were made during the writing process on WandaVision.  One of the questions they asked is why did Vision, Tommy, and Billy have to go?

Jac Shaeffer answered:

Agatha says it in the episode: When Wanda created the Hex, which was essentially her intuitively casting a spell, she did it wrong, and she tied Vision and the kids to this world. So, she put herself in a bind where she put people under mind control that actually made them suffer which she, Wanda, was unable or unwilling to see. That’s what she was doing, and she tied the kids to this world. Not to take it too deep with the metaphor, but we often sort of thought of it as the Hex is this giant placenta and she did all this creating inside of it, and the kids and Vision can’t survive outside of it.

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Deadline pushed a little harder, asking after all the grief Wanda suffered through, why does she have to give up Vision again, along with her children? Is it for the good of humanity? Was it essential to her evolution as the Scarlet Witch?

Jac Sheaffer again had the answer:

Yes. For both of those things, because it’s wrong to imprison all of these people. You know, Agatha offers her that deal at the end. She says, I can fix the spell and I can remove suffering from all people, but we all know that if you remove our suffering, we’re no longer human, and that’s the journey that she has to go on. She has to embrace her own grief and suffering and see it for what it is, that it’s not all sorrow, that inside of grief is also a celebration of the thing that is now gone.


As Kyle and I discussed on this week’s Marvel Multiverse Mondays, from the post credit scene, obviously getting back her boys is what will drive the Scarlet Witch’s decisions going forward. Will it be why she breaks the multiverse? Is Mephisto still involved and will be a villain in Doctor Strange 2? Well, we have a few years to wait and find out for sure.

But, no, I wouldn’t count out Mephisto just because he wasn’t in the first part of the Scarlet Witch’s story. Sorry, not sorry.

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