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Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Reviews Hit: If You’re A Kevin Smith Fan, Chances Are You’ll Enjoy

“Looks like this reboot went up in smoke.” It’s that on-the-nose quote from Tommy Chong in the trailers that really had me worried about Kevin Smith’s latest opus Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The trailer and clips presented never worked for me, even as an unabashed fan of Kevin Smith. And, let’s be real, Smith’s filmography hasn’t exactly been the strongest as of late, with Yoga Hosers serving as a real lowlight of his career.

But what do the critics think? What do all the people who have seen the film think? Our own Nick Doll had a chance to see the movie, and while a full review is forthcoming, he was ultimately a bit mixed on it — and he’s an even bigger Smith fan than I.

Jay and Silent Bob will appeal to hardcore fans who follow his every podcast and life event, but in this reboot — Or is it a remake? A discussion of what differentiates them is had thougout the film — but may continue to lose classic fans of the old View Askewniverse. Too meta with repeated lines bog down great cameos though there are still moments of greatness including Affleck and Hemsworth. The film’s emotional moments fall flat, and the film is a mixed bag jumping from Strike Back quality to far closer to Yoga Hosers.

In the end it’s a parody of itself and I will likely enjoy it more on repeated viewings. But Kevin Smith playing Silent Bob and himself is a step too far and the twist is abysmal.”

He still doesn’t really know where he stands, but many other critics seem more open to Smith’s latest than Nick.

Joblo’s review was glowing, even if the critic admitted to his perspective being tainted by his love of Smith and his filmography.

“Ultimately, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a silly, stupid, hilarious, earnest heartfelt, and nostalgic slice of fun. And yes, all of that will depend on how you feel about the filmography of Mr. Smith. But, like the movie shows, you’re never to old to have a good laugh while revisiting some old friends. And although you may think it’s not possible for Smith to tug on your heartstrings and eke out a tear or two, this reboot certainly makes a go of it.”

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But Joblo wasn’t alone. Variety also largely agreed with their assessment.

“The climactic last half hour is set at Chronic-Con, which the film treats as a convention out of Kevin Smith’s imagination, a funny idea that proves, in the end, to be a bit more labored than the rushing-through-the-Hollywood-backlot climax of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” Smith has every right to be older and wiser here, and “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” with its gentle anarchy and not-quite-mock nostalgia, is a time-machine sequel that passes the time amiably enough. But if Jay and Silent Bob get any older or wiser than this, they’re going to stop being who they are.”

IGN also seems to agree that fans of Smith’s work will like it, saying:

“Overall, the rest of the movie’s humor should connect with any fan of Smith’s early work. Reboot is alive with a cartoonish, frenetic energy that’s been missing from Smith’s films since Clerks II, his last all-out comedy. Smith’s trademark knack for dialogue is on full display, giving the many, many actors making cameos in the film a chance to shine or play against type. Reboot gets away with most of its blue material because everyone involved is clearly having a great time, and the multiple instances of fourth-wall breaking when things get too self-referential help to reinforce a feeling that everyone, including the audience, is welcome to cut loose at this reunion.”

On Rotten Tomatoes, there are currently only six reviews being offered, and the solo negative review from Reel Film (making for an 83% on the site, currently) is less smitten by the filmmaker than the rest.

“It’s only as the picture segues into its episodic, road-trip midsection that the viewer’s interest begins to wane and flag, as Smith offers up a preponderance of ineffective sequences that, for the most part, are hopelessly flat and suffer from an almost total lack of laughs”

So, there you have it. From the sound of it, if you like Kevin Smith, your mileage may vary from average to pretty good, and if you’re not as much of a fan, a lot of it may fall flat for you.

Does any of this have you any more or less excited? Let us know down below!

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