Jeremy Allen White Talks About His Experiences With Rental Properties And Filming The Rental [LRM Exclusive]

Rental properties have become a normal thing in society that companies like AirBnB are competing at a high level with the hotel industry.  But just like every great experience their is a bad experience out there.  Dave Franco makes his directorial debut with The Rental which follows two couples going to a rental house to celebrate there, but goes insanely wrong.  Jeremy Allen White stars in this film and I was able to talk to him about his personal experiences with rental properties and why being quick to judge someone might be best.

Nancy Tapia: So Jeremy, let’s talk about The Rental and how do you feel in reference to rentals after this film?

Jeremy Allen White: Yeah, it’s funny. I’ve always been more of like if I had to stay in a place, I guess it would be a hotel, historically. Maybe for some reasons, maybe there’s some underlying fears and I always felt safer in a hotel, I don’t know. But I was put up in a rental by the production of everybody on and it was a lovely experience. I had my family there with me and it was really great. Then I did the movie and since then I’ve stayed in several Airbnbs and they’ve been really nice experiences. So, sorry, I don’t have a worse experience to talk about, but it didn’t deter me from rentals.

Nancy Tapia: Well, you know what? That’s great. You’re definitely the opposite of most after watching this movie. It would probably make you think a little, right?

Jeremy Allen White: Sure. Sure.

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Nancy Tapia: Let’s talk about your character, Josh. He has a girlfriend who is a little outspoken. She doesn’t hold back on the way she feels and experiences some sort of racism. How did you feel? This is kind of like perfect timing for the film.

Jeremy Allen White: Yeah, I certainly think that. Sheila Vand plays my girlfriend, Mina, in the movie and she is of middle eastern descent. And at the beginning of the movie, we’re going to stay at this rental, this kind of beautiful house up in the Northwest. It kind of turns out it’s possible that the man, who’s home could be a little bigot. And, I think Mina catches on that immediately. Whereas, Josh, who is the character I play, and my brother, Charlie (played by Dan Stevens) and Michelle (played by Allison Brie) aren’t as quick. They aren’t as quick to judge, which becomes a mistake. I think Mina is showing a little bit of concern about a possible bigot that owns the home. And the rest of the group really doesn’t seem to really take her worries seriously.

The Rental
Sheila Vand as “Mina” in Dave Franco’s THE RENTAL Courtesy of IFC Film. An IFC Films Release.

Nancy Tapia: I liked your character. You seem to play very well, those sensitive, but yet kind of rebel-ish roles. I’m a fan for those roles that you’ve been playing and this was no exception.

Jeremy Allen White: Oh, thanks.

Nancy Tapia: What was it that attracted you to play Josh in the The Rental?

Jeremy Allen White: Yeah, I mean, I think just from a character standpoint, when I read it, I was just rooting for Josh, I guess, the whole time. I just, I really saw this guy that really wanted to be better. He’s dating this woman who I think is way out of his league. She’s just beautiful and intelligent. And, I think he’s got some self esteem issues probably because of his older brother. And then he goes on this trip with them and I feel like he’s getting a little bit beat down. I think I was kind of attracted to this kind of like tragic character who’s trying to get better. But of course, it doesn’t work out his way.

Nancy Tapia: I was reading in the credits that, Josh, your character had a stunt double. Can you tell me about that scene or if you had any involvement in working with the stunt double?

Jeremy Allen White: Yeah, I guess I had someone. Yes. So there was a scene that was pretty physical, where the bigot I was talking about before.  Josh gets a little bit worked up and ends up attacking him. I did a couple of those takes with Toby who plays the character, who’s really amazing, Toby Huss. And then I think he had a stunt double a couple of times. I think that same double might’ve doubled me. And we did it a different way where Toby did a couple takes. And then the stunt actor was playing Josh and would kind of attack Toby. So, we got it with both… He played both characters for moments to cut together.

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Nancy Tapia: Oh, seriously? I thought it was going to be the cliff scene.

Jeremy Allen White: No, that was…

Nancy Tapia: That was all you?

Jeremy Allen White: That was a lot of camera trickery. Yeah, so for the majority of those cliff sequences, I was actually on pretty flat ground on. It was kind of the magic of movie making and editing. They made it seem like I was at a more dangerous angle for the majority of that. But no, that was mostly me not as laying on the ground as dangerous in the scene.

Dan Stevens as “Charlie,” Sheila Vard as “Mina” and Jeremy Allen White as “Josh” in Dave Franco’s THE RENTAL Courtesy of IFC Films Release.

Nancy Tapia: Well they did a great job. So, to finalize, I have to ask you, I’m a fan. When I saw your name on this I jumped on it. Is there something you can tell me about Shameless? I love Lip.

Jeremy Allen White: Oh, thank you! Is there something I can tell you? I can tell you we’re going to get started on the last season. We were supposed to start in mid March and obviously we didn’t. And we’re kind of waiting for everything to calm down and for us to go back to work as safely as possible. So I hope that’ll be really soon. And then at that point I would have a lot more to kind of report on the future of the show. But I’m glad you’re a fan. Thank you very much.

Nancy Tapia: I am. Yes, yes. I can wait! I would ask specifics, but I figured I’d let you just tell me what you can. Thank you!

Jeremy Allen White: Thank you.

The Rental is available today in theaters and VOD.

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