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John Boyega Rumored For Star Wars Sequel And Mystery Actor Leaves | Barside Buzz

The latest Barside Buzz is that John Boyega is rumored to return for the Star Wars sequel starring Rey. In addition, a mystery actor leaves the project following the change in writers. All of this comes from the guys on The Hot Mic Podcast. Main source on that show is Jeff Sneider, who you may remember was the first to reveal this movie back when Damon Lindelof was on writing duties. At the time, Sneider said he had heard a male lead and a female lead had been cast. Sneider said the male lead was POC and he didn’t have the name 100%.

Well now Snieder said this for an update on that original story.

Whoever it was, that person is no longer attached to the project and it’s mainly due to the story changes – they threw out [Damon] Lindelof’s script and brought in Steven Knight. And whoever that actor was is no longer attached.”

It is worth noting that whilst the rumor was that ST characters could return, Sneider himself had not heard, (or at least didn’t share), that the movie would star Rey. An unnamed actor dropping out isn’t much of a story. However the next part could be.

Finn Returns

Sneider’s co-host John Rocha also chipped in with something he’s heard. Now Sneider is the guy with the contacts normally. However Rocha has developed a few sources once they started the show and he claims to have some news from sources who have come through for him twice previously. Rocha’ sources have told him John Boyega will return as Finn in the movie.

I’ll tell you this – I’ll break this for myself. According to some sources that I know, a couple of sources, different sources have reached out to me because of this show, and according to them and what they’re hearing is…John Boyega will be coming back for this movie. That’s what I’ve been hearing from a couple of my sources, trusted people that I know.“ 

Sneider himself also says he’s heard pre-production is planned to begin in August and that the movie is still planned for a December ’25 release date.

I’m told that, we’ve been saying all along that the Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy project I guess – it’s no longer the Damon Lindelof project, the Steven Knight and SOC project, the movie that Lucasfilm releases in December 2025 and to that I am told that pre-production will start in August, and so casting will start around then. They may be making lists right now at Lucasfilm for who they want in that movie, but I don’t think they’ve gone out to any talent and I don’t think they will until after the Summer. I would expect answers before Labor Day.” 

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Now, some fans have said that if Boyega returns then this movie is Episode X in all but name. I’m not sure I agree, and the main reason is that this movie is planned as a standalone, not as a trilogy. I therefore doubt it will get an episode number or anything like that. And whilst, yes, this makes the movie a sequel to The Rise of Skywalker, it does not mean it’s a continuation of the Skywalker Saga, which is now closed. I just wish they closed it at Episode 6 and started again with The Force Awakens instead of now. Alas!

Frankly, it would be slightly odd if Finn didn’t show up here. Rey is building a New Jedi Order (official name of this timeline). Finn is Force sensitive, and this is 15 years later. Therefore you’d expect Finn was the first student that Rey trained, being they are also best friends. However, actor Boyega has not seemed overly keen to return when speaking in interviews previously.

This is not a trilogy. That means Lucasfilm could, for example, make the next movie in this timeline a Finn solo movie. Rey is back at the academy training students and Finn (as a Jedi) gets into a ‘situation’. Lucasfilm doesn’t have to follow a linear format any longer. I’m also keen to see Boyega play Finn where every other line in the script doesn’t have him yelling “Reyyyyy!!”.

So, John Boyega is rumored to return for the Star Wars sequel starring Rey. In addition, a mystery actor leaves the project following the change in writers. What do you think of this latest Barside Buzz? Thoughts below as always.

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