– by Seth McDonald

Disney released a treasure trove of information today about their upcoming streaming platform, Disney+, at a huge presentation today. More about Jon Favreau’s upcoming series, The Mandalorian. During the presentation for The Mandalorian, Favreau revealed what he is currently up to, now that filming has been completed on the series.

“Everybody working on the show is a fan. So we’re putting together something that we want to see. Because of the new characters in the new time period, it’s a great way to bring new fans in, because [the show doesn’t have] characters that you have to know, there’s no history that’s demanded for you to step in and know what it’s about.”

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While the show won’t require any previous knowledge of a galaxy far, far away, it’s said that there will be easter eggs that will be a nod to those of us who have been lifelong fans. The series is shaping up nicely. I have full confidence in Favreau to bring us something worthy of the name Star Wars. You also have to love Taika Waititi’s involvement, and perhaps best of all the lead of the series is Pedro Pascal. The series will be available from the first day of Disney+, which launches in November.

Disney+ is also reportedly going to have a monthly price tag of $7/mo. That’s a really good deal, about half of Netflix.

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Source: Disney (via /Film)