– by Anthony Esteves

Joss Whedon didn’t have the longest experience working in the DC Extended Universe. When Zack Snyder stepped away from the director’s chair to mourn the sudden death of his daughter, Justice League was incomplete. Warner Bros. brought in Whedon to add his touch and finish the project. While many will dispute whether Whedon’s take was an improvement or a misstep, one thing is for certain: Whedon approves of Cavill.

On his Twitter account on Tuesday, Whedon replied to a follower’s statement regarding Cavill’s performance as the “last son of Krypton.”

While there was the disturbing mustache-gate in the film and Justice League will continue to be filled with great moments and “why did they do that?” moments, Henry Cavill owned his role. He was the confident, hope-filled leader that readers and moviegoers have been so used to seeing in comics and film. Moreover, Cavill literally reached the peak physical condition of Kal-El in all his DCEU films. He literally looks the way the character looks in the comics. That’s a first.

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All honesty, this writer has been a fan of Cavill since Man Of Steel. I am and will always be a defender of that film. It did something that many critics were crying about after 2006’s Superman Returns (too much drama, not enough bad-guy fighting action, etc.). Snyder, Christopher Nolan, and David S. Goyer presented an origin story with slight differences from what many are used to. It delved into the psyche of an alien trying to grow up as a human. It presented an emotional connection between a son and his two fathers—Kryptonian and Earthling—as well as the loving care of his mother. And of course, plenty of action between Zod’s army and the Man of Steel. With all of that featured in the film, I too believe Cavill put forth a great performance as Superman in all of DCEU films.

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