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With today’s closure of the deal between Disney and Fox that sees Disney take control of most of the company it likely means the end of Fox’s X-Men universe. No doubt the characters will be rebooted and fit into the on-going and far superior MCU. That means that the former cast members of the X-Men films are looking for paid work as always.

James McAvoy, who played Professor X most recently wouldn’t find this too tough one would imagine? The actor is very good in whatever he appears in. I personally thought McAvoy the best part of the recent Glass movie by far. But it’s also great to have an iconic role to play and McAvoy has his eye on something that might just fit.

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McAvoy did a Q&A on Instagram and when asked what other roles he would love to play the actor said he has always been fond of the character of The Riddler from Batman, saying

“I’ve always thought DC does really good bad guys.”

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Well, if we are talking Batman and Batman specifically Mr. McAvoy, then I agree with you completely, I love Batman’s villain roster. So would McAvoy be a good fit for The Riddler, yeah, why not? However, The Riddler has so far only made it on to cinema screens once since the 1960’as and of course, that was in the very camp and over the top Batman Forever and played for pure laughs by Jim Carrey. I always thought The Riddler would make an interesting villain for Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy if they had ever gone with a fourth movie, but it wasn’t to be.

We know Matt Reeves is hard at work polishing his script for The Batman (likely won’t be the title), and we have heard rumor that the movie could feature multiple villains. Could one of these multiple villains maybe be The Riddler? If so, I would imagine Reeves would be taking note of McAvoy’s words, as that would be quite the coup to get him on board. After seeing McAvoy play the various personalities of his character in Glass, I believe he could pull just about anything off.

Would you like to see The Riddler in Matt Reeves’ movie, do you think McAvoy would be a good it? Riddle me this and riddle me that, I’ll see you below in the LRM chat.

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SOURCE: James McAvoy (via FANDOM)