– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Today’s age of comic book movies really is an embarrassment of riches. Growing up, I remember assuming that any film based on my favorite comic book characters would likely fall short, and end up being a boring shadow of what I’d hoped it would be. Nowadays, we have the likes of Marvel Studios, Fox, and DC churning out ridiculously faithful fare that would be the envy of any comic book fan in decades past.

Of course, not every film is perfect. Marvel Studios and Fox don’t have perfect records, and the DC has had a hard time getting its own universe in order, and many tend to point to the tone established in Batman v Superman as one of the potential issues. The film was dark and grim, almost completely devoid of any humor. While that isn’t the only problem the flick had, it’s certainly the most cited, and with Justice League being the next Snyder joint in the DCEU, many are looking to the film’s tone as an indicator of what to expect.

Speaking with Red Carpet News TV, actor Michael McElhatton was asked if the tone we’ve seen in the trailer is indicative of what the film is like.

“Look, it’s so hard to know. They shoot so much stuff. I think there’s probably going to be a lot more humor in it, I think would be the main difference compared to the previous one…I found that the scene I did, which is a big opening scene, was pretty dark in its tone. But in a good way. It wasn’t comic booky, but I think you can thread a certain amount of humor through it, which maybe the previous one was lacking.”

Of course, given that McElhatton is only involved in one small part of the film, it’s impossible for him to effectively state what the overall tone of the flick is. From what we can tell, the scene he’s involvement is likely that opening prequel bit, and if that’s the case, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume the tone is different from what’s offered there.

What do you think of his statements that his scenes weren’t “comic booky”? Would you consider this a good or bad thing considering how Batman v Superman turned out? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Red Carpet News TV

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