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When a person is properly motivated, especially one with access to vast resources like Batman, great things can be accomplished. We have seen Batman’s quest to unite the league since the first trailer, he was the member that went around recruiting the other heroes to fight agains the coming threat. In speaking with Geek magazine (via Screen Rant), Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the upcoming Justice League film, explains Batman’s thought process:

“I think Bruce is in a unique place to be able to appreciate what these metahumans can do — to a certain extent, he can do some of that too — but to also understand, unlike the others, how much work goes into his ability to be Batman. Every iteration of Batman has explored the history behind his becoming this vigilante, so maybe he’s the most motivated of the group, in a way. And of course, he provides the transportation.”

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As most of us know, Batman is in peak physical condition, and at times he does do things that can be considered superhuman. He may have inherited his money, but Batman has earned his abilities. The other members of the Justice League have superhuman abilities wired into their DNA, while Wonder Woman has trained as a warrior, and Superman has had to learn how to control his abilities, none of the other team members have had to put in the work that Batman has to gain their powers.

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Source: Screen Rant

  • Victor Roa

    ……. so he’s not the world’s smartest detective? Just insecure?

  • Lenin1959

    Batman provides the transportation?

    INVISIBLE JET!!!! Wonder Woman in her invisible jet! Make it happen!

    Flash can just run where he wants to be and he would be there before the Bat jet.

    Supe would fly there and be there at about the same time as Flash.

    Discoborg… Well, leave him at home. Unless you want some disco dancing and a light show.

    • Psychotic Bitch With a Knife

      so true

  • jonathing

    and to wear tights

  • Psychotic Bitch With a Knife

    Child support and alimony payments