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One of the things that got people excited about Justice League, back around the time that set visit reports were published and initial footage was released, was the dynamic between Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. There was a freshness and a levity to their dynamic that was evident in everything we saw and heard. 

Now that he’s out promoting Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Miller is being asked all kinds of question about his next Warner Bros. movie, which happens to be Justice League. During a chat with IGN, Miller was specifically asked about The Flash’s relationship with Batman in the Zack Snyder-directed DC epic, and here’s what he had to say about it:

“I think it’s the relationship between someone who is naive and excited and someone who is experienced and jaded. And it’s that seeing each other as reflections of one another and being amused and maybe sometimes annoyed by one another. I think Bruce and Barry get a kick out of each other because they’re seeing sort of themselves but reflected in this very warped mirror.

Bruce, the aged Batman, is everything that being a superhero means you could become, in terms of being pretty shut down and having seen all this horror. He’s like a veteran of this struggle against evil. And Barry is just getting intoit, and it seems exciting! And very fun!

And so, I think they have a lot to learn from each other, like in any great friendship. I think it’s a fascinating relationship.”

It certainly seems like Affleck and Miller have a ton of chemistry, in a way that calls to mind how Batman and Robin would look if it were ever faithfully adapted to the big screen. But hey, Batman and The Flash ain’t bad either.

We’ll get to see more of that fascinating relationship when Justice League comes out almost exactly a year from now.