– by Seth McDonald

As many of us have seen in the photos, actor J.K. Simmons has gotten ripped for his role in Justice League, or has he? Simmons plays Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming film, and seeing how it is a superhero movie, many thought Simmons was cultivating mass in preparation for his role in the film, in an excerpt from the Justice League Companion Book, we learn that isn’t necessarily the case:

“I’ve just been trying to fight Father Time and stay fit for the last several years. It does work well with the character, but I haven’t been specifically getting fit just for it — it’s for general life.”

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“I think he just likes to be ripped [Laughs],” co-star Ben Affleck added. “It’s a little weird, it’s like the Super Hero Commissioner Gordon, who takes his shirt off and stars flexing [Laughs]. J.K.’s just as strong as the members of the Justice League.”

For Simmons, who is 62, this is simply a nice coincidence, while it does play well for the character, it is a lifestyle choice. The actor just happened to take on a role that coincided with his fitness regimen. I certainly wouldn’t pick a fight with this commissioner if I operated in the seedy underworld of Gotham City. This may be the first time that the actor that plays Commissioner Gordon is in as good of shape as the actor that is portraying Batman.

Justice League is in theaters all over the country this Friday.

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SOURCE:  Justice League Companion Book (via ComicBookMovie )