– by Seth McDonald

Justice League, some love it, some hate it, some are lobbying for a Zack Snyder cut, and some aren’t sure how they feel about the film. One person who knows where his feelings reside is actor Jason Momoa, while he may be somewhat biased, as he portrayed one of the main characters in the film in Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Momoa has come to the film’s defense. Word is many scenes were cut from the film and in an interview with Rajeev Masand, Momoa and fellow star Gal Gadot, discuss a scene that they wish would have stayed in the film:

“Remember that one scene we did that got cut out of it? This is a great scene, I pull out my little flask and I’m like [grunting and offering the flask], and it’s Wonder Woman she’s like ‘no thank you’. It’s just a, she’s such a lady, ya know what I mean? And I’m such a, just a big dumb dumb and she’s like ‘no thank you, Arthur.'”

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This sounds like a quaint, fun little scene, and I have to agree with them. I would have liked to have seen it stay in the film. Would this one scene have changed the mind of the moviegoers who didn’t like the film? Probably not, but the character interactions and they way they were portrayed seems to be one of the less criticized aspects of the film, so an interaction such as this probably wouldn’t have hurt the anything.

Would you have preferred if this scene stayed in the film? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Rajeev Masand

  • FeixPunk

    “We hate Snyder! He ruined the DCEU! Fire Snyder!” -then

    “Snyder cut! Show us Snyder! We want Snyder’s vision!” -now

    Can’t have it both ways people.

    • the50sguystrikesback

      Please…you KNOW fanboys are SO damn wishy-washy.

      Calling for Snyder’s head on a platter one moment (for ‘BvS’)
      Singing his praises the next (petitioning for an ext cut of ‘JL’) smh

    • Triple M

      Actually you can.

      People hated BvS.
      But Justice League is bad for different reasons. It’s not one coherent movie, it’s a mixture.

      Let us watch Snyder’s version and maybe pay off some of the terrible parts of BvS.
      If it sucks, it sucks… but JL satisfies no one.

      I hated BvS..,but JL is barely worth watching because it’s a mix of things.

      • FeixPunk

        Put that way, the calls make some sense. But you and I both know the average person has not thought of it that way. They’re fickle and unimaginative.

  • Lenin1959

    People want mo’ moa?

  • John From Raleigh

    I don’t understand why there won’t be a Snyder cut. At this point, WB has this sunk cost in Budget and Marketing, why not put out another version if for no other reason as a quick cash grab. Release it strictly digital and/or with a low low production run of Blu-Rays.

    If they were smart, they would use it as a way to judge how to make the next movie based on combining the feedback from viewers of each movie.

    Personally, the above sounds like a fun scene and it develops characters better. Much like the “Language” banter between Steve Rodgers and Tony in AoU.