– by Seth McDonald

With Justice League just over two weeks away from release, the last tidbits of pre-movie information have begun to surface. Actor Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in the upcoming film recently spoke with DC All Access (via ComicBook.com) about level of tech that Cyborg will have in the film, and the changes to the character’s backstory:

“Cyborg is advanced technology. If previous incarnations have emphasized modern tech, he’d be advanced tech. So I think he represents the way of the future, it’s something that we can look forward to.”

Well this of course makes sense, who would want Cyborg to simply have up-to-date technology? If he is going to be part of the Justice League, he needs to have, as Fisher said, advanced technology. Fisher also went on to talk about Cyborg’s backstory, which was changed slightly from the comic books origin by Zack Snyder:

“Cyborg, aka Victor Stone, is a college athlete when a tragic accident befalls him, by no fault of his own. His father uses advanced cybernetics to replace his lost limbs and essentially save his son’s life. The technology imbues him with super-strength and super-durability and allows him to interface with anything technological. He has worlds of information at his disposal, which is a really interesting concept to explore.”

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Having no relationship with the comic book Cyborg, Justice League will be my introduction to the character. I can see Cyborg being right at home with the computers and other tech in the Batcave, and because of this see him being one of the more vital parts of the team.

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SOURCE: DC All Access (via ComicBook.com)