– by Joseph Jammer Medina

This past Sunday, geek icon and filmmaker Kevin Smith suffered a massive heart attack following a stand-up performance. He still had two more shows to get through that night, but after throwing up and feeling violent nausea and a tight chest, he thought it best to head to the hospital.

It turned out to be a good move on his part. After checking in with the doctors, it turns out things were a lot worse than even he initially thought. Despite the 85-90 pounds the filmmaker had lost over the past few years, the combination of past lifestyle and genetics came together in a perfect storm of horrible, leading to his heart attack.

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Luckily for him and fans, it wasn’t time for him just yet, and he survived. Smith has since tweeted and Instagramed out responses to what happened, but on Tuesday, he sat down in his hospital bed and vlogged for a solid 20 minutes about the incident. He went into detail about the heart attack, opened up about his continued fear of anyone seeing his genitals — even in the face of death — and discussed the privilege of his life.

If you’re a fan of Smith, this is a must-watch. Smith is rarely ever reserved, and almost always wears his heart on his sleeve in his podcasts, but given the situation, the emotionality is upped considerably.

We wish the best for you, Mr. Kevin Smith! Hope you get better soon!

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SOURCE: Kevin Smith

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