– by Seth McDonald

Even though the Justice League wasn’t the most well received film, here we are over a year later still talking about it.  is still making news over a year after it’s release. Most of you familiar are with the film and the issues surrounding it, and for those that aren’t, it film probably comes in second to only Solo for its unusual and troubled production.

I often wonder what the DCEU would look like had Zack Snyder been able to see his vision through the same way I wonder how an all J.J. Abrams Star Wars Sequel trilogy would have looked different. High ranking nerd Kevin Smith talked about the film on his Fatman Beyond (fomerally Fatman on Batman) show. Smith cited sources of his that worked on the film

“I met people who worked on both versions of Justice LeagueThey called it Justice League when [Zack] Snyder was doing it. When Joss Whedon came in to take over, they called it Josstice League.”

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Smith continued, relaying the information he received from DC Chief Creative Officer, Jim Lee who described a three movie arc. As with what we saw in the film, The Justice League did battle with Steppenwolf. The next film would have sent the heroes to the home planet of Darkseid, Apokolips. And true to a good trilogy formula, this film wouldn’t have had a happy ending for the heroes, with the Justice League suffering a defeat at the hands of Darkseid.

The third film would have seen Darkseid on Earth, bringing Batman’s terrifying vision from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to life. Smith seems confident that fans may have missed out on some really cool films.

“I really feel like, hearing what I heard, we might have missed something. We might have missed something big.”

While this doesn’t sound bad at all and I’ve always enjoyed Snyder’s visuals, I think without a co-director to focus on the storytelling aspect (with special attention to pacing) the films still would have turned out subpar.

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Source: Kevin Smith