– by Seth McDonald

It’s coming folks, the end of Game of Thrones. Less than a month away now from the premiere episode of HBO‘s hit fantasy series based off the novels written by George R.R. Martin. From the first season, the series has set itself apart, and has continue to drop the jaws of fans as the seasons went on, and this final run is sure to continue that trend as well as escalate it.

While the ending of the show is sure to be bittersweet at best, actor Kit Harington , who plays the former bastard Jon Snow, commented on how things turned out for Snow, and how he felt about the outcome. You can read what Harington had to say about it in an interview with Variety down below.

“The end of Jon’s journey, whatever that may be … I was satisfied with how his story ended.”

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Jon Snow is at least one of the ‘heroes’ of the story. Though that fact was hidden for most of the show. He was at first shown to be the bastard, the unwanted one, only to be revealed as possibly the most important character in the story (yeah the bookreaders knew, or had a hunch long before, R+L=J). Let us not forget what show this is, just because he is thought to be the hero, doesn’t mean he will have a happy ending, I mean, he may not even survive. Not sure how tings will turn out for the Bastard of Winterfell, but I sure am anxious to find out.

How do you think Jon Snow’s story will end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Source: Variety