– by Emmanuel Gomez

Next year we will get the opportunity to explore the world of Krypton via it’s new television show on SyFy. With the show taking place on the planet well before their demise, we will get to see a lot of aspects of their culture. This would include the role of religion and politics according to their show runner Cameron Welsh. We have only seen flashes of their culture since we mostly see them as flashbacks and memories.

Comicbook.com has talked with Welsh about the impact of Kryptonian religion on the show:

”The world of Kandor in our show is a theocracy, and the religious guild is very powerful,” Welsh said. “The political landscape is turbulent; there’s a very rigid class divide, and there’s the rankles district, and there’s the guided area — that’s the science guild, the religious guild, the House of Zod or the House of El. There’s a class divide and a big part of that class divide is religion.”

“Raoism” which has always been portrayed as the primary religion of Krypton will continue to be the dominant one in SyFy’s show. In a 1980’s John Byrne and Mike Migola made a comic book titled “World of Krypton” in which religion sects that were part of a civil war. One particular religious leader known as “The Cleric” was introduced during Superman’s exile in space, and presented him with knowledge about his home worlds last days as well as a weapon known as The Eradicator, who has been seen several times throughout Superman’s titles.

It’s interesting how they say they will focus on Krypton’s religion as a power force in their culture, which then in turn I speculate will lead them to make irrational decisions and lead to their destruction that we are all familiar with. Hopefully it doesn’t get over complicated and confusing, which could turn away a lot of viewers. What do you think of this important aspect of the show?


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Source: comicbook.com