– by Nick Doll

On Monday, we shared an interview with Mark Millar claiming Marvel would not let him call his Ultimates book The Avengers because the company the franchise was dead. Here’s a bit of that quote again:

“They won’t even let me call it the ‘Avengers’ because they thought Avengers was such a dead franchise that I had to call it ‘Ultimates‘ instead. It’s crazy to think now that Avengers was such a diminished name in the industry, and Marvel had no faith in at all.”

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Since then, Kurt Busiek, who was writing the actual Avengers book in main continuity at the time, actually leaving the series as a result of the Ultimates existence, took to twitter to set the record straight:

Wow, so that’s quite the tweet storm, but it does make sense. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of The Avengers until the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a thing, because the movies got me into the books. Meanwhile, Justice League has always been a household name that held a certain sense of wonder. But, one would doubt Marvel would consider it a “dead franchise,” even if Captain America and Iron Man weren’t big screen hits until the movies came along.

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Who do you think is telling the truth? Or do you think both sides actually believe they are telling the truth? Speculate with us in the comment section below.

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SOURCE: Kurt Busiek (via Bleeding Cool)