– by Mark Cook

The Flash returns from its hiatus ready to ramp up through the end of the season.  This week looks to bring in another meta using her powers for evil as she can control gravity. On the plus side, Kevin Smith returns to direct the episode. Will the end of the season improve, or will it be more of the same?  Read on to find out.

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Training — The episode begins with Barry and Dibny in the Danger Room…er…training against a DeVoe simulation.  Ralph was full of jokes at the beginning and the group passed it off as a nervous tendency of his. The last two metas are apparently nomads who don’t leave any traces (more on this later…). Breacher is also back and looks to have lost his powers.  He asks Cisco and Caitlin for help, which they deduce his lack of powers is due to the aging process. Cisco lies to Breacher about the power issues, yet later tells the truth. This leads to Cisco being asked if he wants to be the next Breacher. Maybe this will have significance later, but it didn’t fit with the episode.

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Meta-Of-The-Week — The entire meta bus storyline seems too easily thrown together: most use their powers for bad, and the last two cannot be found because the have practically fallen off the face of the earth, yet this episode’s meta seems quite fond of using her powers, so how hasn’t she been easy to track?  Could the group of geniuses and Iris’ amazing computer tech skills do a search of a person using their gravity powers to steal? What happened to their “meta alert” bracelets they had a couple seasons ago.  Could be helpful at the current moment…Our first encounter with Null is when she is stealing a crown by using her gravity defying powers.  Due to stealing the crown Barry and Dibny go to question a local criminal in which they run into our meta.  Wow, that was an easy find for being someone off the grid. Null goes on to rob another jewelry store (keeping inconspicuous I see…) which Barry goes to, sans Dibny.  Also, how did a gravity defying meta with bright blue hair, who loves to steal jewels go undetected?  Yes, she had various disguises and pseudonyms, but do these places with expensive jewels not have security cameras?  Maybe all the security camera funds were invested into the one outside Barry’s cell while in prison. The inability to track Null seriously doesn’t make sense with as smart as the group is. Barry and Dibny go to apprehend Null as she is stealing more jewels from people. Barry wasn’t quick enough to move away from Null so he was rocketed into the sky only to fall back down on Ralph who turned into a whoopee cushion…

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DeVoe — The DeVoe storyline is continued and is still awkward with the lovely country accent that he/she picks up as well as powers.  The dark matter from taking over the other metas has become overwhelming and look to be limiting DeVoe’s life. It also looks as if DeVoe has been pretty much giving his wife ruffies in her drinks in order to help her feel love for her husband’s new form and keep her docile…what is happening here?  I can’t figure out what the writers are doing.  I would love to be a fly in the wall during their planning sessions.  Maybe this will pan out, but for me, it’s not working. So DeVoe created The Weeper in order to drug his wife because he/she knew she would begin to question the process DeVoe planned, which would be a hindrance to him. Got that? Right. DeVoe knows Team Flash have captured Null, but apparently doesn’t know her wife is fooling her at the current moment in time.

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Jay and Silent Bob — Obviously the brief cameo of the beloved Jay and Silent Bob was fun to see!

The show ends with Wells communicating with Gideon, which was the only real point of interest in this week’s episode. When speaking to fellow LRM writer, Mike Connally, about the episode he said, “The title ‘Null and Annoyed’ fit the show.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Maybe I am just being negative, but the show is still jumpy with gaping holes that take away from the fun the show used to have.  I am at a point now where I would rather the season be over and they revamp for next season.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was it an improvement, or are you ready for the end of the season?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.