– by Joseph Jammer Medina

In one of the oddest films presented at the Los Angeles Film Festival last week, “Recommended by Enrique” tells the stories of two separate individuals who was stuck staying at a border town near the Mexico/Texas border under unusual circumstances. One person was an actress on a production that didn’t really existed and the other about an assassin abandoned by his partner in town.

Latino-Review had exclusive one-on-one interviews with actress Sarah Swinwood and directors Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia on the indie film. The movie won Best Performance in the Narrative Competition at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

With Swinwood and the directors, we discussed the process and how the movie came to existence. In addition, we also talked about the true story based on actual events (the actress on a not-quite-so-real movie production).

The movie also stars Lino Vareia. We will have the exclusive interview with Vareia published later this week.

Check out the interviews below.

Source: Latino-Review

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