– by Kyle Malone

Being a writer for an entertainment news site is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we do get information before the general public, have an awesome slack channel, and literally work with nothing but like-minded people. Can you imagine all of your co-workers loving the same stuff you do? Yeah… it’s that awesome! On the other hand, we have to cover a lot of rumors which could potentially spoil major movies for us. Some of us don’t mind, but I do… I do…

Hence the discussion about whether or not all leaks should be published. Here at LRM we try to respect the filmmakers and walk around leaks while still reporting on them. Leaks and rumors are two different things though. Rumors have been wrong before and will be wrong again. If you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame you know about how many rumors were wrong. I won’t say which ones cause that would lead to spoilers. What about rumored leaks? Well, those have to be handled with extra care.

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Reddit is a source of many leaks and rumors and a user recently published here what may be the final fight scene of The Rise of Skywalker. I have not read this post and won’t unless the boss makes me, but that’s not likely. You can click on that link at your own peril. So, if these leaks are legitimate should the leakers have published them? I think not. Yes, it enables certain websites and YouTubers to earn money which as a Business School graduate I support very much, but it comes at the integrity of the story that filmmakers are trying to tell. As a film fan, I understand their desire to deliver a unique and surprising story.

The primary reason I think leakers should keep this to themselves isn’t the people that notify you that what you’re about to read, hear, or see are spoilers… those people are good and providing a service. It’s the a** h*** who thinks it’s fun to ruin a cinematic experience for people by putting said leaks in fake pictures or public posts. That guy (or gal) deserves terrible things to happen to the surprises they want in life. That’s why I think leakers should sit on the big stuff. It’s one thing to announce an actor has been hired or that a location will be used but completely wrong to give away key story elements.

What do you think about leaks and rumors being published? Do you worry about a rogue spoiler? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kyle is the Weekend Editor for LRM Online and a business school graduate who loves movies, comics, and video games. He shares his passions with his wife and is raising a next-generation geek.