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SPOILERS – Avengers: Endgame Leaves A Lot Of Questions And I Try To Answer The Biggest One

This article is filled with spoilers. If you have not seen Avengers: Endgame then bookmark this page and come back after you’ve witnessed cinematic greatness.










If you’re still here you want to hear my take on one of the more controversial moments in this movie, old Steve Rogers. After the good guys win, Tony Stark dies, and our heroes are set to move on there’s one last thing to take care of: return the borrowed Infinity Stones to their points in time and put Mijolnir back on past Asgard. It’s Steve Rogers that takes this mission on and suits up for time travel one more time. A conversation with Bucky gives us the feeling that Cap is not coming back to the present and sure enough we’re told by Professor Hulk that Cap blew past his time marker and isn’t returning. Then Bucky and Sam Wilson see a figure sitting not too far from the time platform. Bucky knows who it is and tells Sam to go see for himself. Sam and Steve talk a bit before Steve hands off a copy of the Captain America shield.

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This is controversial because according to Endgame’s own time travel rules each trip back is basically traveling to an alternate timeline. If you affect the “past” there will be no effect on your original present. That means Cap shouldn’t have aged in his original timeline and shouldn’t appear at the end of this film. However, I think Cap lived his life in that alternate timeline and returned to his original timeline moments before he left it before the heroes gathered to send him off. He walked over to the bench and sat and waited for himself to leave setting up this end scene.
There’s no explicit explanation of this and it’s only my theory. It’s the only theory that really makes sense with the rules set by the film. These rules are very similar to those from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. In those properties, a future version of the Character Trunks returns to the past to help the Z Fighters survive and fight against some really bad dudes and one bad chick. This was an attempt to prevent his future world’s destruction at the hands of said dudes and chick. When he returns to his timeline nothing has changed. That’s when they figure out how time travel really affects your present/future… it doesn’t.

If you assume Cap didn’t live a long life in his original timeline and only returned to it once aging in the alternate world, then the rules make perfect sense. The real headache is what happens with the timeline where Loki escapes after the battle of NY and did our alternate timeline heroes also have to face Thanos?

Does this explanation make sense? What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments below!

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