Learning Through Film And Literature: Why Is It the Most Effective Way?

There are lots of ways that you can use to learn new things in college. However, only a handful of them are effective. Among them is learning through literature and film. If you are a literature student, you’ll agree with me that some of the most memorable lessons that you had involved reading short stories or watching a film. By using these two methods to learn, you not only get to understand themes and topics clearly but also remember them in the long run. This is the most effective way to learn. In this post, I am going to share with you a couple of reasons why learning through films and literature is most effective.


  1. Promotes critical thinking

One of the most important skills that you should develop as early as possible is critical thinking. When you study literature, you get to analyze various elements and think critically. When reading an interesting story, you’ll have an easy time concentrating on tiny details, forming your opinions, and connecting different events in the book. 

This will go a long way in helping you improve your essay-writing skills. For instance, if your tutor has required you to write an argumentative essay, reading literature books will increase your chances of getting good grades. Another way to boost your performance is by reading essay samples. You can find “A Rose for Emily” argumentative essay and other free essay examples online for college students easily and get help. When it comes to study, essay writing or other types of academic activities, you don’t have to do everything alone in college.

  1. Promotes communication skills

Studying literature is one of the easiest ways to improve speaking and writing skills. Excellent communication skills are important in all areas of life. Communication skills go beyond academic work. They affect how you interact with the people that you meet every day. Exposing yourself to literature as early as possible will help you develop excellent communication skills that will promote reading.

  1. Keeps the brain healthy and active

There are a lot of benefits that reading has on the brain that cannot be ignored. It promotes imagination, enhances concentration, and stimulates the mind. Remember, the brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly like any other body part to keep you healthy and active. Enhancing imagination promotes creativity and innovation.


Similar to literature, films are popular forms of entertainment that have a positive impact on modern education systems. Here are some of the advantages that you’ll enjoy by watching educational films regularly:

  1. Promotes History

Films are effective teaching aids especially in history classes. They help learners understand and remember important events that they are learning about. This happens easily because films don’t require learners to imagine what they are learning about. Students who watch films regularly can easily what is happening and remember everything. The rise of technology has made the film industry lucrative. This means that you can easily find films in different varieties and genres. Tutors can easily find a movie that is focused on a particular event or concept.

  1. Entertaining

When tutors incorporate films into the tutoring process, they make lessons more entertaining for students. Nowadays, watching movies is a popular form of entertainment. Therefore, when it is incorporated into school, classes become more exciting. The education sector has been largely theoretical for a long time now. This means that students have to attend long and boring lectures to grasp key concepts. By introducing films in the learning process, students will look forward to attending classes.

  1. Perfect For Autistic Students

Learning theoretical concepts in a long lecture can be quite redundant and non-emotional, especially for autistic learners. Learners are not likely to participate in this process since they don’t find this activity to be engaging. To enhance the participation of autistic students in class, films should be introduced. This will help them understand key concepts easily and keep them engaged in the process.

  1. Understand Society

Movies usually have several characters. And each one of them has a different perspective on the plot. Therefore, they’ll use different methods to handle a wide range of situations. When learners watch movies in class, they gain new perspectives by seeing different scenarios in play. In the end, they understand that every individual is different. And there are different approaches to tackling every situation.


Literature and films play an important role in the education sector. Unlike long boring lectures, they help learners stay engaged throughout the learning process and understand key concepts. Studying doesn’t always have to be boring. Apart from keeping learners engaged, they are both perfect for autistic students since they evoke emotion and encourage participation. Through films and literature, students get to interact with different characters, gain new perspectives and learn how to solve societal problems using different approaches. As a tutor, now is the best time to integrate these two essential teaching methods in your classes to help learners achieve their academic goals.

Author’s Bio:

Matthew Torain is an exceptional academic researcher and content creator. He enjoys conversing with learners in colleges and on online platforms during his working days. When he is not working, he loves reading books and visiting new destinations.

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