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Lets See How Positive Word Of Mouth Affects Guardians 3 Box Office

Today, I want us to discuss how positive word of mouth affects the Guardians 3 box office. Let's have a chat.

Today, I want us to discuss how positive word of mouth affects the Guardians 3 box office. Recent history with the MCU has showed us that Marvel movies still start very strong opening weekend. However, the drops off’s of the most recent movies into week 2 and 3 have been staggering. Why this is the case has been debated by fans and industry insiders.

Has it become too complicated for the casuals to keep up? I think there’s some truth to that. When it was only 2-3 movies a year it was easier to catch up if you missed a few. I had casual friends who kept up with the MCU until Endgame but once Disney+ began they lost track.

Are fans just jaded with superheroes finally? That is definitely not the impression I get from conversing with fans online. Instead I think a big factor is simply this. The films, and some of the TV series have been bang average and not had good word of mouth. Once that negative response begins to spread on social media, I think there’s a chance it’s causing people to change their minds and wait for the Disney+ release. I know I myself fell victim to this with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, a film I was initially excited to see but could not catch week 1.

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Well, here we are again, with me anyway. I could not see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 this weekend due to life, same with Quantumania. The difference this time is that word of mouth on Guardians 3 is excellent. I’ve heard some of my colleagues refer to it as the best of the trilogy, or the best MCU movie since Endgame. Now, I’ll be honest, even if word of mouth had been poor, I think I’d still have gone this Friday. I wouldn’t believe it’s crap unless I saw it with my own eyes. But that’s me who seems to enjoy James Gunn’s style.

It will however be interesting to see how Guardians will fair at the box office. Will all this positive praise help the movie to increased takings in week 2 and week 3 and on? Or, will we see the same crazy drop off that we have with other MCU movies? I’ll exclude No Way Home from this analysis because A, it’s Spider-Man and B, it was hyped up by the spoilers.

If Guardians 3 performs better across its run that the likes of Quantumania and MoM, which won’t be hard, then it may be proof that the reason for the drop off has been a simple one. The latest MCU movies have simply not been good enough to get people interested in seeing them quickly. Is that really all it is, or not? I guess even if Guardians 3 stays strong we can’t use one outlier to suggest a pattern. That doesn’t mean we can’t form opinions and add its to the mix of the discussions on the subject though.

As it stands, I’m seeing Guardians 3 this Friday. I’ll be dropping my thoughts on here the Monday after. But now I’m excited to see it and trying to avoid all spoilers. That’s a positive change, right? Either way, it will be very interesting to see how positive word of mouth affects the Guardians 3 box office.

As always, leave us your own thoughts below.

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