– by Joseph Jammer Medina

If you’ve had a chance to check out Justice League in theaters, you likely (or at least we hope you did) stuck around for not just one, but two post-credits scenes.

But before we delve into it at all, we’d better give out a SPOILER warning. If you do not wish to have the Justice League post-credits scenes spoiled, then we recommend you stop reading now.







Okay, then, you good? Let’s dive into it.

The Race

The first scene was a fun one for fans. We open in a grassy field with both Superman and The Flash readying themselves for what appears to be a race. Indeed, it’s confirmed that the pair will race.

Each one has a bet on the table. If Flash loses, he has to buy the rest of the team brunch — this is a reference to Barry’s hatred of brunch, which he brought up earlier in the film (he doesn’t understand waiting in line for an hour just to have lunch). If Superman loses, Barry gets to tell everyone that he won. Not exactly the biggest of stakes, but it’s all in good fun.

They decide to race to the Pacific, and it’s at this point, we get a callback to Flash’s bad sense of direction when Superman corrects the way he’s facing. Flash lights a firecracker, and on the explosion, the two take off. We cut away at a slow-mo shot of them racing.

Fans of the comic will recognize this from the Superman #199 issue, shown above, and fans of The Flash TV series will likely also recognize some similarities from the Supergirl/Flash crossover episode from a couple years back.

A League Of Their Own

Now it’s time to get into the scene that’s of real consequence to the DC Extended Universe.

In the next scene, we open up in what we can assume is Arkham Asylum. A guard calls for Lex Luthor (who we see in the distance in his cell, facing away from us) to turn around. Lex doesn’t listen, and the guard starts to get upset. He finally goes into the cell and turns Lex around, only to reveal that it’s not Lex at all, but some other crazed lunatic laughing maniacally. Somehow, Lex had escaped.

We cut to some bay where we see a motorboat gliding over the water. A familiar looking silhouette stands in the boat and pulls up behind a yacht sitting in the water. The man steps onto the yacht, and we see that it’s none other than fan favorite character Deathstroke — who Ben Affleck teased as the potential villain for his upcoming standalone Batman flick (a film that’s no longer happening, by the way).

Relaxing on the yacht is Lex Luthor, drinking champagne and living the life. He tells Deathstroke that Superman has returned and formed a little team with his friends. Deathstroke takes of his helmet to reveal actor Joe Manganiello’s face, as well as a white head of hair and beard (not to mention the trademark eyepatch). Lex then says they should form “a league of our own.”

But which league could be be referring to? The Legion of Doom? Secret Society of Super Villains? Injustice League? While they’re all admittedly really silly names, we think the latter is the possibility, assuming that Justice League makes enough money to warrant a sequel down the line. The cool thing here is that there’s real possibility for growth down the line. If they don’t kill of Black Manta in Aquaman, he could definitely join, along with some key members of the Suicide Squad, and hell, maybe even Black Adam (assuming he doesn’t turn good, though given that we’re likely getting a Deathstroke standalone film, it seems like they won’t be afraid for anti-heroes to join this league).

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