– by Seth McDonald

Composer Danny Elfman has brought us some of the more memorable theme for movies in television during his career in Hollywood. Elfman, who wrote the now iconic Batman theme for the Tim Burton movies, recently returned to the world of DC comics by providing the score for Justice League. Elfman spoke with CBR at the superhero film’s premiere and said his return to the world was very enjoyable:

“What wasn’t fun about it? It was just all fun.”

Elfman, who decades ago dipped his tow into the superhero world, found that providing themes for a team of heroes would be a much different process:

“I tried, at first, to really get something to define every character, just enough that I could pull it off, but then to write these overriding themes that is more about the Justice League than the individual. It sounds very complicated, and it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle, but it really came together, surprisingly easier than expected.”

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Elfman brought back the Batman theme he created more than 20 years ago for Justice League, he was also to put his own twist on the John Williams Superman score:

“‘It was easy to do because it never quite went away, actually,’ he said. ‘The same harmonic structure was still there, so it wasn’t even like going far from where it was.'”

Elfman seems to have enjoyed his experience working on Justice League, and expressed interest in returning for more films, when asked which films he would like to score, Elfman didn’t specify a preference:

“Any of them. They’re all great!”

With all the negatives flying around the internet about the film, I haven’t heard one bad thing about Elfman’s score.

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