– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s always popular to call out Hollywood stars for their excessive salaries and diva-like demands, which is why it’s notable when actors do something selfless in order to get a movie made the right way. When it came to Logan, Hugh Jackman wanted to do everything in his power to make sure that Wolverine- the face of Fox’s X-Men franchise since 2000- got a proper sendoff. Part of that, in his eyes, was making sure that the passionately violent character got to express himself without PG-13 limitations.

During a recent conversation with The Playlist, Logan director James Mangold revealed that the actor was so committed to this film being rated R that he actually put his money where his mouth was: To soothe the fears of a concerned 20th Century Fox, who were anxious about green-lighting an R-rated Wolverine movie, the Aussie agreed to a pay cut in order to minimize their risk.

While some fans have bristled about Fox’s reliance on Wolverine when it comes to its X-Men films, and others have been dying for someone else to take over as Logan one day, no one can deny that Jackman hasn’t given the role his all. It’s nice to see that his commitment to getting Logan made right knows no bounds.

SOURCE: The Playlist

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