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Jimmy Palmiotti has been active in the comic industry for over 30 years. He also grew up in Brooklyn reading comics and trying to learn the craft. Because of this he met some of the creative legends who helped shape the modern comic industry. It is safe to say he has seen a lot of industry changes over the years, not all of them for the better.

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The recent success of blockbuster Hollywood Superhero films and top-rated TV shows based on comics has brought many comic book characters into the mainstream. Current pop-culture has become dominated by many characters, concepts and ideas with origins in the pages of comic books. However, for the most part, this cultural zeitgeist has not translated into sales for the comic book industry.

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Palmiotti took to his Twitter feed Sunday morning with a challenge this week for those in Hollywood. His challenge is for actors, producers and others who work on these properties behind the scenes. In other words, those who are profiting off the stories and characters much more than the industry that created them. The challenge is for them to take a photo holding their favorite comic and post it online attaching the hashtag #ILOVECOMICS

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I applaud Jimmy for this idea and it will be interesting to see if it gains any traction this week. I am sometimes surprised by the response when I meet someone and they learn about my podcast. “Comic books? They still make those?” they will ask. So despite the proliferation of these characters in other media, it is possible there are still those out there who do not realize that comic books are still being produced. Perhaps Jimmy’s idea will catch on and translate into awareness and sales for the industry. It certainly can’t hurt!


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