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Continuing with more Venom content for you folks, now we have an excerpt from an exclusive interview with Venom producer Matt Tolbach. LRM asked Tolbach if Venom’s world and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are one in the same. What he had to say follows below.

“The truth is we set out to make a standalone movie. It is a standalone Venom movie. The opportunities are wide open in terms of storytelling, but we made a movie about Eddie Brock and Venom, and it lives in the world of Venom right now. It’s a standalone. But we can do lots of things, and we’ll see where the next story takes this.”

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Well, folks, at least the door isn’t completely closed, it may not be wide open, but there is just a little bit of hope. Should the film be well accepted, that may grab Feige and company’s attention over at Marvel, and the film’s success is crucial to any future crossover with Marvel.

I am only familiar enough with Venom’s origin to know that the upcoming film veers from the source material considerably and that a lot of fans aren’t too happy about it. This isn’t an issue for me, and I am actually quite excited for the film.

Be sure to check back with LRM for full interviews with Venom producer Matt Tolmach and director Ruben Fleischer.

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Source: LRM Online