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Best known as Grant Ward on ABC’s MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., Brett Dalton returned to his roots into indie films.

LRM caught up exclusively with Dalton on the red carpet at the opening night of the faith-based movie THE RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE in Fresno, Calif. The film is about a former child star, who had to pick up the pieces of his life by doing community service at a local church in his hometown. He falls in love with the pastor’s daughter and assists on developing a play about Jesus Christ with his acting expertise.

In addition, Dalton also talked about LOST IN FLORENCE, another indie film which premieres at the end of this month. The romantic film is about an American who lives in Florence, Italy and participates in Calcio Fiorentino, a version of football.

LRM would also like to thank Harvest Bible Chapel of Fresno and Jaron Ministries International for arranging this exclusive interview with Brett Dalton.

THE RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE is currently playing in theaters. LOST IN FLORENCE will play in theaters and available On Demand on Friday, January 27.

Read the full interview transcript below.

LRM: Last time we talked, it was on the carpet at WonderCon.

Brett Dalton: When was WonderCon?

LRM: That was last spring actually. You were on the show MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Brett Dalton: Oh, yeah. I remember that show. [Laughter] So how you’ve been?

LRM: Good. Ever since the show, I’ve always wondered on where you’ve been? Now we know.

Brett Dalton: [Chuckles] Listen. I’ve been floating around in space. They tried to blow me up with an atomic bomb in space. Those cunning agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I think HIVE is secretly floating in space—waiting for that spacewalk to go through so he can particulate again. That’s where HIVE has been.

I’ve been enjoying my time with my family. I do have two films coming out. I have THE RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE this weekend. Then next week from today, I have LOST IN FLORENCE. I’ve definitely keeping myself busy.

MILO MURPHY’S LAW is a cartoon I’ve been working on. It’s for Disney Family. Weird “Al” Yankovich is part of that. Mark Hamill is in that as well. They must’ve made a mistake in casting me along with these celebrities. [Laughter] So there I am. I’m enjoying it. It’s a lot of fun.

LRM: You’re here for the premiere night of THE RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE.

Brett Dalton: I am.

LRM: Tell us on why you were attracted to this. I knew you were always a funny person.

Brett Dalton: Thank you.

LRM: I think this role fits perfectly.

Brett Dalton: [Laughter] A funny person. Yes, but looks aren’t everything. Funny looks. [Laughter] Bad joke.

What attracted me? Well, they said yes. I’ve read the script and I loved it. I’m just kidding. That’s my funny stock answer.

I thought this script had a very straightforward story. It’s about a guy who gets a second chance. Obviously, there is a bit of a faith element in there. It’s not just setting out to do a good faith based film. I’ve set out to do a good film. And this is what it was. I saw more of the universal themes of second chances, forgiveness, kindness and decency. I think THE RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE is a faith-based film as BLINDSIDE is.

You can point out certain things that happened in [the movie]. We set out to make a good film, first and foremost. I think we accomplished that.

LRM: What about working alongside with Anjelah Johnson-Reyes? She’s naturally comedical.

Brett Dalton: Yeah, not in this role! Guess who got to be the funny guy this time. Not her! She got to be the straight man and I got to be the funny one. She was taking notes the whole time. Her act from here on out is just to be copying me. [Laughter] I was that good. I figured that if I could make her laugh—I must be doing something right.

I was happy to be part of this eclectic group of people. Everything just came together. Anjelah Johnson-Reyes is a comedian. Shawn Michaels is a world wrestler. And there’s D.B. Sweeney, who is an 80s icon. Then there’s me!

LRM: I’ve got off the phone with Evan Oppenheimer for LOST IN FLORANCE. I’ve seen all your upcoming movies. I just would like to know how you prepared for this version of Italian football.

Brett Dalton: [Laughter] Oh, wow. It’s by starting and stopping the duo lingo more times than I can count. And then learning practically nothing.

This is a really brutal sport. I’ve watched a whole lot of YouTube videos on it. I really tried to bone up on my Italian. I feel a little bad. My grandfather is Italian and I’m very, very close to him. I’ve always considered myself as Italian in a lot of ways.

But, it was so cool on being over there and receiving all that love. It’s a very affectionate culture. The men all hug and kiss each other.

In this middle of everything, there is this brutal sport. There’s a lot of brotherly love and comradery. It’s such a crazy dichotomy of violence on one side and kindness on the other. It’s a really weird thing you’ll see on screen.

LRM: Thank you.

Brett Dalton: No problem.

THE RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE is currently playing in theaters. LOST IN FLORENCE will play in theaters and available On Demand on Friday, January 27.

Source: Exclusive to LRM

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