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At this point, is there any Star Wars out there who don’t want to see a Luke and Grogu show? When Luke showed up to take Grogu for his Jedi training, it seemed obvious that The Mandalorian show’s future would move in a different direction. However, what about Grogu? Surely Lucasfilm isn’t going to permanently shelve their new star attraction?

Welcome to Free Talk Friday folks. Today I am discussing the future of Grogu essentially and reacting to an intriguing new rumor began by our friends over at KRT. On one their shows this week (see below) KRT casually revealed that a Luke and Grogu project was in development, albeit early development, Corey and Noah then went on to speculate about what Lucasfilm should do going forward with this project. This rumor comes across to me as more believable than previous rumors that Lucasfilm had already recast Luke Skywalker. However it does beg the question of whether Luke Skywalker should be recast?

I discussed this in detail with my The Cantina co-host Kyle Malone already and that episode will publish today. Here is how Kyle and I see things. Do we believe a Luke and Grogu show is in development, yes. Do we think if it’s live-action then Luke needs to be recast, yes. However, do we think Luke has already been recast and this is all much further along, no. As Kyle and I have said a few times now, if we want a Luke and Grogu show, we have to make compromises.

Choice 1: Live-Action

If Lucasfilm decide to go live-action with this (I want to say show, but we don’t know that definitively?) project, they have to recast Luke. Rolling out Mark Hamill and de-ageing him is absolutely fine for a one off scene like The Mandalorian, but a full series, or movie? Not for me, there is inly so much uncanny valley I can handle. No, for me if Luke comes back into live-action (outside of a Force Ghost), he has to be recast. The de-ageing tech is not THAT good yet that Hamill could pull off a leading role for me.

I am not going to get into who should be recast as Luke here. We all know how much the fans have pushed Sebastian Stan for that role, but really that is just fan casting right now. However, there is another possibility here….

Choice 2: Animation

Lucasfilm could choose to go down an animated route for any further adventures of Luke and Grogu. For one animation is always less restrictive, but it would also allow Hamill to continue as Skywalker for some time to come. Though it would take potentially years/Seasons to get there, animation would also allow Adam Driver to voice Ben Solo eventually in an animated show also.

As Kyle and I discussed this week, a story which told the story of Ben and Luke is needed. The sequel trilogy, for all it’s faults just never truly helped me understand the motivations of Ben Solo. A show which told us how Luke failed to help his troubled nephew, to the point where Luke almost snapped might go some way to rectify that oversight?

Which One?

So which choice do we make? To be fair though not expressly mentioned I get the idea that KRT at least believe this is live-action and not animated, but again that’s not fact. So if we realistically had a choice here, which we do not, which way do we go? Unfortunately there is no ‘right’ answer here, as it will depend upon ones own point of view. Either choice presents compromises for me. I prefer live-action over animated, but given the situation here, I am far more open to animation than usual.

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At the same time, once you have recast Luke, which is admittedly a gamble, it could create more opportunities. I think recasting Ben Solo is something far too recent to even discuss, as an adult. However an adolescent Ben, would require a recast anyway, even for voice work. There’s no way Driver’s voice sounds like it did when he was 13/14 for example.

Gun to my head, must make a choice….I choose Option 1 and a recast. Yes, it might suck that Hamill can’t be Luke anymore, but that ship has truly sailed when it comes to live-action. Hell, why not both? A live-action series set around the timeline of the Mando-Verse where Luke can interact with other characters and Grogu can return. Additionally we could have an animated show voiced by Hamill and (eventually) Driver that covers the period leading up to that fateful night between Ben and Luke. I’m down for that, but realistically I will take any of these options right now.

The Final Word

We trust the guys at KRT because we know our source and their source quite often hear different sides of the same coin. Even when we have disagreed in the past, usually these issues have resolved themselves once we got more information. If KRT think a Luke and Grogu show is in development then I trust them. I also  happen to think it’s a completely believable and expected move for Disney to make.

I guess with things at such an early stage (this is clearly a response to the positive reaction), anything could happen? Until Lucasfilm has all the pieces in place for a Luke and Grogu show, we won’t hear much else. Not all projects developed come to fruition either, but I have a hard time believing Lucasfilm can’t make a Luke and Grogu show work.

What do you think, would you like to see a Luke and Grogu show? Given the choices I presented above which do you pick for yourself? Leave your thoughts below as always.

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