– by Seth McDonald

Are you ready for a good old fashion nerd debate? Us as nerds have debates like this almost daily, but it makes it a lot more fun when the actors who play the characters also get involved. Recently the old argument of can a lightsaber cut through vibranium came up again, this time dealing specifically with Captain America’s shield. And both Luke Skywalker and the Captain got involved in the debate.

The conversation was sparked by the meme you can see below

And as you can see below, it wasn’t long before someone who knows his way around a lightsaber chimed in.

I am going to have to side with Luke on this one. If put in a position where he had to do it, Luke’s saber could carve up Cap’s shield, no doubt about it.

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Chris Evans gave his thoughts on the subject, and while he didn’t deny Luke could carve up his shield, he did say it would be a bad idea as he would be left with more weapons.

A lightsaber should be able to cut threw most earthly metals, one would think anyway, however there are a few substances in the Star Wars universe that are lightsaber-resistance, the most well-known of these is Mandalorian armor.

What is take on this? Let us know your theory in the comments down below!

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