– by Gig Patta

One of the more anticipated shows this fall season will be the TV reboot of Magnum P.I.

In this new cast, there are multiple changes from the original cast, including Thomas Magnum being part Hispanic with Jay Hernandez and the favorite Higgins to be played as female by Perdita Weeks.

Although, major changes were noted of the entire cast, actress Perdita Weeks addressed the major change of Higgins for the 21st century.

“I don’t have a moustache in the series. I don’t also wear tubed socks to my knees,” Weeks said in laughter.

“Higgins is now a woman. This is the 2018 Higgins. There was an element that was missing from the original is with a strong female character. They didn’t play such an important kind of role. It brings a new dynamic. They still butt heads like in the original. They still have their own agendas. We’ll find out more about that.”

Weeks did reassure die-hard fans of Magnum P.I. with one important thing is that her character will have similar backgrounds with the original Higgins. Basically, she will be a British ex-spy who can kick ass.

Magnum P.I. stars Jay Hernandez, Perdita Weeks, Zachary Knighton, Stephen Hill and Tim Kang. The show will air on Mondays, starting September 24, on CBS.

Source: LRM Online

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