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It has become common knowledge now how the upcoming Halloween film fits into the overall franchise. According to this chapter, everything that happened after the 1978 John Carpenter classic horror film… never happened. Sure, the fan base and moviegoing public is aware that there have been multiple sequels, along with a reimagining with its own sequel, within the Michael Myers franchise. However, this upcoming story (written by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green, with Green directing) will be a direct sequel to Carpenter’s film.

Moreover, Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode character has gone through an evolution since her ’78 experience. During a San Diego Comic-Con press conference for the film, Curtis was asked how this Strode character has any connection to her performance as Strode in the 1998 sequel Halloween H20. Curtis had this to say:

“No, because H20 Laurie was running and hiding. The conception of H20 was Laurie was running and hiding. This movie has zero relevance to H20. This movie is a standalone movie to the first movie. Period. You can’t tell this story if you have to link in all of them.”

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If you were to compare the film Halloween H20 to the trailers out for 2018’s Halloween, the differences in Laurie Strode are easy to spot, and it’s not just the hairstyle. In Halloween H20, Laurie has faked her death, assumed a different name and is the dean of a Northern California private school. She’s trying to live a normal life while still plagued with the horrors of that fateful night twenty years before. She’s living in fear, believing that one Halloween, Michael will find her and finish the job. It’s not until the third act where Laurie decides to take the fight to Michael.

As for this year’s McBride/Green film, judging by the trailers and interviews, we are presented with a Laurie Strode who is seeking vengeance. She’s become somewhat of a hermit, keeping to herself in her cabin, using mannequins for target practice with her rifle, and telling the Sheriff that she’s been waiting for the day that Michael breaks out so she can kill him herself. While previous films featured Strode eventually fighting back on the defensive, this film seems to give us a Laurie Strode who is very much a hunter who plans to turn the tables on her past attacker. She’s no longer cowering. She’s no longer hiding. She wants to go toe-to-toe with Michael Myers… and kill him.

The epic showdown 40 years in the making will open nationwide October 19th.

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Source: Halloween Press Conference.