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Mando S3E2 Review: Much Better Than Last Week

According to a new rumor, and our own sources here at LRM, the rumored Mando Season 4 movie is not the current plan at Lucasfilm.

Well, a little late due to work commitments, but here is my Mando S3E2 review. Honestly, the most important thing to mention is that it was much better than last week’s Season 3 premiere. As usual I’ll be keeping away from story spoilers as much as possible within this review. So let’s get into this week’s episode of Flipper, erm, I mean The Mandalorian.

The reason I referred to Flipper (could have said Lassie, Benji or many others) was because the nature of the episode felt like one of those shows. The speaking character gets into trouble and the animal companion has to go seek help without using words. In other words, this was one of the first episodes that kinda focused more on Grogu than Dinn. It was actually pretty good.

Personally, I like that Grogu is starting to develop more as a character and become less of a MacGuffin. There are of course risks with that approach, however I thought this week it was handled well. I liked seeing the little guy get to take some initiative for once. As alluded to above, Dinn isn’t really in Episode 2 as much as usual. However we do get to spend more time with Grogu and Bo-Katan Kryze as a result. I really enjoyed the dynamic between the pair and I feel like Bo-Katan’s character arc took a turn in a new direction this week, which is great.

I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of this season we view Bo-Katan as the third casting call on this show after Dinn and Grogu.

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Without getting into plot details, there is a lot of underground exploration this week and that also provides some genuine jump scare moments. Also, if there are any thalassophobes out there, you may have a few panic attacks watching this week. Overall however the plot is extremely simple and could easily have been lifted from any episode of Flipper, Lassie etc. However, add in the Star Wars universe as a backdrop and suddenly you have strange creatures, blasters, and jet packs to add into that mix. Ergo, it becomes more exciting.

I guess my one gripe is very generic. There are some creatures who show up. Sadly, like Star Wars always does when they want to get into some melee combat, blasters just don’t seem to kill them. Now, if that’s a hulking beast with an armor plated face, I’m cool. However, these creatures were humanoid like and as such, they should be dropping like flies to blasters IMO. There’s one fight scene with Bo-Katan which, whilst cool, also could have been improved in my opinion. I’d have merged the famous Raiders of the Lost Ark scene with something out of a Dollars Western to have Bo-Katan quickly dispatch her foes instead. Sometimes less can be more on film and TV.

As said above this was much better this week folks, and that’s a minor gripe that goes beyond just The Mandalorian for me.

There is a big reveal in this episode at the very end which could have major implications for where the story goes. Suffice to say I am engaged and looking forwards to episode 3. Mando S3E2 therefore was for me, fun, darker, different and also well put together.


Let me know what you think of my Mando S3E2 review and leave your own below. Or, whatever you want to say about The Mandalorian in general. Do you agree this was much better than Episode 1?

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