– by Stephon White

How’s that old saying go? Opinions are like a** holes. With all the hype surrounding Marvel and DC everyone’s sure to be ready to toot their horn no matter how stinky that horn may be. It is however rare when an actor in one of these multi-million-dollar franchises steps forward and essentially pisses on the very same crowd that needs to support the film. Recently comedian Marc Maron had the following to say when asked about the superhero movie genre:

“I have some issues with them and I generally don’t like them. I don’t wanna be bullied into seeing those movies. I’m a grown-up, I’m not seven, and I think those movies are for grown, male nerd childs.”

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Ouch! Stinging words from a comedian taking a paycheck to portray Ted Marco in Todd Phillip’s upcoming Joker movie. Joker is Batman’s greatest nemesis correct? Batman is also a superhero which makes Joker a supervillain. Right? Maron made the comments during a recent guest appearance on Conan.

I don’t get it. I mean isn’t the entirety of filmmaking build upon Joseph Campbells Hero’s Journey? I mean essentially one could argue that Jesus of Nazareth was even the first superhero. His powers may not have allowed him to bend metal or fly faster than a speeding bullet, but he sure could whip a bowl of water into wine in a few moments. He also possessed the uncanny powers of resurrection, was fathered by a man in the sky, and could walk on water. My point is where do we draw the line on what’s capes and tights and what’s a mythological story? I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find inklings of both elements in every film. I don’t know why one can’t enjoy both the Passion of The Christ and Avengers: Endgame whilst sipping a Coke and munching popcorn, and all the while maintaining a modicum of maturity.

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